Monday, August 10, 2009

Mommy kisses...

There is a little tradition in our home...
each year I create a little necklace for Princess #1 and Princess #2
to wear on their first day back to school...
a gift for them...

before they leave for school I kiss the back of their necklaces
and tell them that way they will have a "mommy kiss" with them
all day!- so no need to be nervous, scared or sad- my kisses
will last until we see each other after school!

As a mom I often wonder if these little traditions mean as much to
the children as they do to me...

well, after the first day of school last week...
that evening I had an event I was attending...
after all our normal hugs and kisses goodbye, I turned to leave and
Princess #2 came running to the door and said,
"Wait mommy! let me kiss your necklace! that way you will
have my kisses until you get home!"

Oh my! My heart was so full at that moment
and tears came to my eyes and I thought...
yes! they do enjoy all the little traditions we've created together!
and you know what?
that evening was lovely! and I'm quite certain it was because
I had "Princess kisses" with me!

Happy Monday!
Many Blessings!


  1. Love this! What a beautiful tradition they'll always remember.

  2. That is just the sweetest thing ever. I love that idea so much I might just need to copy it:) You sound like the sweetest mom!

  3. You are such a FUN mommy! What a sweet idea. You are so amazingly creative girl... Love it.

  4. Jill- I truly believe you should write a book, dear friend. Your ideas and sweet spirit would bless so many! You certainly have blessed me and my family.... Lori

  5. Oh, that is THE sweetest!!! I wish that I would have thought of that when my daughter was tiny! What a wonderful keepsake~~ they are amazing!

    Hugs, Christina :)

  6. What an awesome idea! My little one starts PreK this friday and she keeps telling me she does not want to go...I have been trying to come up with something to do for her...maybe I might try this.

  7. Jill these are so cute....and what a lovely tradition!



  8. how charming! and beautiful...just like you, my friend. :)

  9. I just adore your ideas. This is such a precious thing you do for your girls! XOXO

  10. Jill, that is just the sweetest story. I had tears in my eyes by the time I had finished reading. They are lucky to have a mother like you and vice versa.

  11. Awww what a great idea. I love love the idea of necklaces for your girls... you gave me a great idea!!! Sweet memories you are making with your children, and I'm sure they are going to remember them and do the same with their children,

  12. Oh! What a wonderful post! Have you read "The Kissing Hand"? It reminds me of your nice tradition.
    My daughter goes to kindergarten this year and I am going to need something like this to get us through! I am already nervous about it!

  13. So sweet!! What a wonderful momma you are! Love this :)

  14. i l.o.v.e. little traditions like that! they will remember that always! they're so blessed to have you for their mommy!
    those necklaces are so adorable!

  15. very sweet and special story!

  16. That is too sweet! I often wonder the same things...but there's your proooof (oh, sorry I can't see thru the tears in my eyes ;-)

    Jamie :)
    p.s. gorgeous necklaces

  17. Oh my goodness, that is the sweetest thing - just like the playhouse, my girls are now expecting a Mommy kiss necklace - it won't be nearly as cute as yours, but it's such I great idea I can't refuse.

  18. Hi there! I just popped in during a little blog hop this evening, and I have to tell you this is just the sweetest, most touching thing!!! I love it. What an adorable idea, and those necklaces are just precious!!! Hugs, Paulette :o)


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