Friday, August 28, 2009

For the love of patchwork...

in my work...

in my clothes...

in my home...

I just love patchwork!
perhaps it's because to me, it's alot like life...
filled with many different "patches".

There are some that are beautiful!
richly detailed...

some that are bright and cheery!
and even a few that are darker...

some more plain and simple,
yet grounding...making a lovely foundation...

but when they are all "stitched" together
they become a beautiful and unique
work of art / life!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings!


  1. LOVE that skirt!!!!!!!! I knew I would love this post when I saw the title- I am inspired to post my patchwork loves too :)

  2. Gorgeous, Jill! How do you manage it all when you are so busy?? The skirt is fabulous! Lori

  3. I love that skirt too!
    and the boots:)

  4. Lovely detailed pics, thanks for your lovely comment on my rooster, Have a sweet weekend x

  5. I {heart} everything you make :) it's all fabulous!

  6. So cute. You are so creative. Hope you have a great weekend too:)

  7. Oh my word!! I am in love!! I especially am diggin' that skirt, however, I fear I would look like a king size bed in it. Hahaha!!

  8. I adore your lovely creative post today!!! I so is like a patchwork...yours are this sweet heart...and your skirt...and your lovely home! Happy weekend to you!

  9. beautiful photos! love the added stiching!

  10. That skirt is beautiful! Love all of your work. So pretty!

  11. Hi Jill!
    I love all of your patchwork. So cute! Wow! Thanks for coming by and saying hi!

    Have a wonderful week!


  12. The patchwork heart is so appropriate, isn't it? The patches make it so much more beautiful because it shows a life poured out for others.

    Love these, as always!

  13. I really like these, I love patchwork but I always think of it done perfectly...well I could do this easily. Maybe my girls would like to make some for their teachers.


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