Monday, August 17, 2009

"Tis the seasons!"

While I was in the studio creating
these four fun & funky bangle bracelets...
I began thinking about the seasons...

Summer brings relaxed carefree days...
It's a time of picnics, pool and beach days,
lemonade and long hot afternoons...

Fall arrives with a crispness in the air.
Leaves begin to change, sweaters are brought out and
the harvest season is upon us!
This is a season of gratitude and there is so much
to be thankful for!

Winter is a season of warm fires and snowfalls that soften
the world around us. A season of sparkle and magic
as holidays are celebrated and a new year begins!

Spring comes in blossom by blossom.
Color bursting forth to celebrate this season
of possibility and promise.
The sunlight and fresh air bring clarity and inspiration!

No matter what season we are in...
there is beauty and joy to be found...
what a gift to celebrate and enjoy each one!

Happy Monday!
Many Blessings!


  1. As always I thank you for dropping by Jill...I think you are an amazing talent!!

  2. OH, I really love the fall and spring.
    I also love how you always manage to write such lovely thoughts...:)

  3. Gorgeous, Jill! Yes, each season is lovely in it's own way.:) Lori

  4. Love these! How creative to represent the seasons with your beautiful bracelets!

  5. What lovely creations Jill...I do love the seasons too, and your descriptions are a breath of fresh air (fall preferably ;-) For some reason this couldn't come soon enough.

    Jamie :)

  6. So cute Jill. I'd love to see some models wearing your beautiful designs.

  7. H Jill!

    Oh my goodness! Your bracelets are amazing. So beautiful!!!


  8. Just beautiful! I'm always in awe of your talent!!

  9. Hi, Lovely bangles! So creative to represent the seasons, x

  10. Fal is my time of the year! It just starts the season off full of joy and thankfullness! Love your posies...these are to cute!

  11. i am, absolutely, in love with these!


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