Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Creating of the Leaves"

for our rent house mantel...
because "every-single-seasonal-and-holiday-decoration-is-boxed-and-in-storage!"-
and because it seems a bit sad to not celebrate the changing seasons and upcoming holidays,
even in our temporary home...

so I felt I simply MUST create a little something for celebrating!

for the "creating of the leaves":
-multiple fabrics
-heat and bond
-hemp twine

-I drew five different leaf shapes and cut them out to create a template
-cut two leaves of each fabric, one right side of fabric, and one wrong side
-and cut one piece of heat and bond per leaf (each set of two)

to assemble:
-place one leaf wrong side up
-cut a small piece of wire and place in the center of the leaf
(this will allow you to bend your leaves when finished)
-place heat and bond on top
-remove paper from heat and bond side facing up
-place hemp twine towards top of leaf stem
-place remaining leaf on top and iron all together

repeat until you have a nice little pile of leaves...
(I have also created leaves not attached to the hemp twine
 and added them to wreaths and small arrangements,
and used them as lovely gift-package toppers too!)

then hang and enjoy!
(even if it is in a temporary home!)

Have a happy day!
Many Blessings!

Monday, September 27, 2010

sweets at sunset...

sunset created by Him...
(isn't it glorious?!)

sweets by me...

one might just call it,
"a little match made in Heaven"!

for the sweets:
I created a little cookie recipe,
(I'd love to know if you try them and how you like them!)

Jill's Tea Cookies

1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup yellow cake mix (dry)
1 cup butter, softened
8 Tablespoons powdered sugar

mix together and form into small balls. press tops down lightly with a dampened fork.
bake at 350 for 9-11 minutes. when cool, I ice with a mixture of powdered sugar,
milk and food coloring. enjoy!

for the sunset:
a treasured gift from the Master artist...
and I betcha He'll be sending another one soon!

Happy Monday!
Many Blessings!

p.s. I'm linking to my sweet friend Heather's "life made lovely" Monday!

Friday, September 24, 2010

a little inspiration {board}...

just a lovely little spot for current inspirations...
so simple to create...

1. select a frame
2. using cork tiles, cut cork to frame opening size
3. adhere cork to inside frame ( I used hot glue)
4. embellish thumb tacks,
 using fabrics (I chose raw silks)
cut in petal shapes,
 then stitch together and add sequins or beads for flower centers,
to finish, simply hot glue flowers to thumb tack tops

now fill with your current inspirations...

and enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

just a hint...

of fall...
gathered with my daughters...

simply the perfect shades of rich browns and earthy textures...
gently nodding a "hello" to the season fast approaching...

just a little hint of fall...
and I do believe I'm ready after this summer's heat!
tell me- are you?

Have a happy day!
Many Blessings!

Monday, September 13, 2010

A lovely little step...

TOMS shoes!
One of my absolute favorites!- not just for their incredible comfort...

but mostly for their incredible mission!
"One for One"
With every pair you purchase,
TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.

makes buying a new pair of shoes even more special...
( I LOVE these wedges- being a bit vertically challenged-
but I'm also dreaming of these too! )

what a wonderful (fun!) way to help make a precious child's
life a little more lovely...
indeed, a lovely little step in the right direction!

Happy Monday!
Many Blessings!

p.s.I'm linking to my sweet friend Heather's "life made lovely" Monday!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Seeing stars...& "A Moving Story" Chapter 5: Triple Star Farms

just a little something I created for the new house...

using flour-sack towels,
fun fabrics,
with a little stitching and embroidery too!

I simply cut my shapes *stars*,
stitched around the edges- leaving a little fabric on the outside to fray when washed,
and then embroidered the words...

which just happen to be the name of our new home-to-be!

I'm so excited to hang (and use!) them...

in the "Triple Star Farms" farmhouse!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings!

Friday, September 3, 2010

"A Moving Story" Chapter 4: Board by Board!

"Mama cut out pictures of houses for years,

from Better Homes and Gardens magazine,

plans were drawn and concrete poured,

nail by nail and board by board,

Daddy gave life to Mama's dream."

lyrics by: Miranda Lambert from "House That Built Me"

Our hope for our children...
That this house becomes more than a memory for them...
that it will be a place where they can dream & play...
a place they can always "come home" ...
a place filled with tender love and care ...
"board by board".

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
Many Blessings!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

'cause that's what Moms do...

we fix things...
patch things ...
make things all-better-now...

whether it be a hole in
or a broken hearted little spirit...

we take those holes and patch them ...

with great attention to detail...

we help make things become all-better-now-
'cause that's what moms do!

Have a happy day!
Many Blessings!