Monday, September 13, 2010

A lovely little step...

TOMS shoes!
One of my absolute favorites!- not just for their incredible comfort...

but mostly for their incredible mission!
"One for One"
With every pair you purchase,
TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.

makes buying a new pair of shoes even more special...
( I LOVE these wedges- being a bit vertically challenged-
but I'm also dreaming of these too! )

what a wonderful (fun!) way to help make a precious child's
life a little more lovely...
indeed, a lovely little step in the right direction!

Happy Monday!
Many Blessings!

p.s.I'm linking to my sweet friend Heather's "life made lovely" Monday!


  1. i had no idea about that! i definitely need a pair of those, but maybe the flats cause i'm way to wobbly when i'm that high off the ground. :) thanks for linking up friend! this is so very lovely.

  2. Well never even heard of Toms. That's awesome. I'll have to check them out. Look how cute your toes are!

  3. TOMs is a great organization. Blake Mycoskie is the creator of TOMs. My friend married his cousin last spring and we all wore Toms in the wedding! I have 2 pairs now and I'm really hoping those wedges will come out in brown soon.

  4. Gotta love Tom's.(: I also LoVE blue polish!! Thanks for stopping by today too!

  5. SO fun! I have heard of these shoes but never seen them. Imagine! Love your blue toes, too!!! Lori

  6. oh i really want some. this is about the third time i've heard about them in the last two weeks. thanks for posting!

  7. so, so cool. and that polish is too fabulous for words. great pictures!

  8. I love my TOMS! They are my favorite shoes! I'm really wanting some wedges like yours next!

  9. I have been introduced to so many amazing things since blogging... I have heard of Toms on a few blogs... we don't have one near by ...I don't think?!! I should google it! I love how they give SO much!!

  10. Super cute shoes and what a great project they have. Love the blue polish!

  11. I've always wanted some, I've just never got any. Are they comfy?

  12. Hi Jill...
    You won over at my blog.
    I choose the winners Friday night...I loved your comment and I was glad you won. Thanks for stopping by my blog


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