Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Creating of the Leaves"

for our rent house mantel...
because "every-single-seasonal-and-holiday-decoration-is-boxed-and-in-storage!"-
and because it seems a bit sad to not celebrate the changing seasons and upcoming holidays,
even in our temporary home...

so I felt I simply MUST create a little something for celebrating!

for the "creating of the leaves":
-multiple fabrics
-heat and bond
-hemp twine

-I drew five different leaf shapes and cut them out to create a template
-cut two leaves of each fabric, one right side of fabric, and one wrong side
-and cut one piece of heat and bond per leaf (each set of two)

to assemble:
-place one leaf wrong side up
-cut a small piece of wire and place in the center of the leaf
(this will allow you to bend your leaves when finished)
-place heat and bond on top
-remove paper from heat and bond side facing up
-place hemp twine towards top of leaf stem
-place remaining leaf on top and iron all together

repeat until you have a nice little pile of leaves...
(I have also created leaves not attached to the hemp twine
 and added them to wreaths and small arrangements,
and used them as lovely gift-package toppers too!)

then hang and enjoy!
(even if it is in a temporary home!)

Have a happy day!
Many Blessings!


  1. I love that! I have all kinds of upholstery samples, they would be great for this project!

  2. I really love that painting. Did you paint it?

  3. I love these leaves- love them! Gorgeous!

  4. jill these are so great. i love your fabric combinations and the fact they're double sided. i need to make some of these :)

  5. that looks great. i love that you used different fall looking fabrics. happy fall!

  6. Love your mantel!!! And hello from one city girl-turned-country girl named Jill to another! What's the chances of that? :-)

  7. Looks sweet and simple, just like your cookies you posted about. BTW, I made the cookies and they were great!

  8. What a beautiful mantle! Very creative! I usually shy away from any craft that has to do with material since I can't sew, but you make it look do-able. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. I love the colors and textures! Love them!

  10. I think it's wonderful that you're still working to create an inviting home in your rental house!

  11. I am right there with you on this one,Jill. I decorate a temporary home even if I am just in a hotel for one night. I have to bring a candle, a cloth napkin (for the bedside table), a few books and a small framed photo of my family. Glad your having fun decorating your temporary home.



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