Monday, October 4, 2010

A little lovely...{ & a give-away!}

created just for our sweet teachers!

this year for their Fall gift I created simple
Fall posy pins...
we just love our teachers!, and are extremely grateful for
their love and care of our children...
teachers are truly treasures!

and while I was creating for the teachers...
I thought of YOU!- all my dear readers...
YOU are always so kind and encouraging,
truly treasures yourselves!

so I bought an extra copy of my favorite magazine,
Life Beautiful
and created an extra little posy pin just for you!
They are waiting to be packaged and shipped,
hopefully making some one's day just a little more lovely!

To enter:
 simply leave a comment sharing your favorite gift to create (or buy) and give!
Winner will be chosen randomly and posted on this post Wednesday!

Happy Monday!
Many Blessings!

p.s. I'm linking to my sweet  friend Heather's "Life Made Lovely" Monday!

What a joy it was to read each comment! - all such sweet and thoughtful ideas!
and now Princess #2 is pleased to share that she drew...

Carole! from "Reading Sully"!

Congratulations Carole! please send me your address through the email button!


  1. Hi, Jill.
    Your blog is so thoughtful and full of great ideas.

    I like to create custom stationary for people on Vistaprint. I've already got lots of Christmas items purchased for family (pens, post-its, cards, letterhead, etc). The fun part is putting together a "theme" for each person. : )

  2. Ooooh I would LOVE to win!!!!!!!!!

    I like to make paintings for people if I know their favorite colors and styles- and then if I know their favorite verse or quote- it is fun to add that as well.

  3. The gifts you make are always so beautiful!! Each year my kids and I make button flowers to give to their teachers. We use buttons and ribbon and all sorts of paper scraps to make them a little different each year.

  4. Jill- Gorgeous!!! Love the color!! My favorite gift to make is photo books by Kodak. I can write what I like and choose my favorite pictures. They are always a hit!:) Lori

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I love creating applique shirts/onesies for all of my nieces & nephews. I love the posy pins!!

  6. LOVE those Jill-so beautiful!! I do love to make gifts for people, but its usually customized to what I think they will like. I do like to make signs a lot!!
    Hope your day is beautiful!!

  7. Those are darling and the mag looks great! You are always so sweet to the teachers, it makes me smile.

    Jamie :)

  8. those posy pins are so lovely!! i love to make just about anything with fabric. so glad you linked up!! :) have a happy day!

  9. Ciao Mi Piace Molto regalare
     Che ricevere Adoro Tutto cio Che riesci uno CREARE UN Grazie bacio Anna

  10. I LOVE to gift homemade gifts. Lately, I've been making Block Letters for all my teacher friends for their classrooms, next I'm hoping to make cute aprons or pillows! These posies are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!

  11. Very beautiful flower pen. :) Nice give-away too.

    I love to give my hand-made necklaces. :)

  12. i love to give themed gifts - part homemade, part bought. Like a handmade or embellished book bag with a great book inside...

  13. LOVE that posey pin! How cute is that! Honestly, I feel like the gifts I pick are all so completely random, but I do love anything monogrammed. Mostly, because I love to get monogrammed things myself. I like to give cute, but comfy pajamas, too. It's something most people hate to buy for themselves.

  14. I love making crib quilts and burp cloth sets for new babies! I love teachers as well....I am studying education at Ohio State!

  15. I love your little posies. I do't think I have seen that magazine before, it looks lovely.
    I love to give gifts that are from photos, little mini albums are the best.

  16. So very lovely, a gift to treasure!
    Many blessings,

  17. My favorite gift to give is my time. I try to not wait for an "occasion," but give a friend some baby sitting, read over things that need it, work with their kids on school skills. It's those little things that are really grateful for.

  18. I would like to make more gifts for people. I have started to knit so hopefully I can pull off some homemade things!

  19. Love your beautiful posey pin! I love to give gift baskets, personlizing for each person. I think homemade gifts are the best cuz they come straight from the heart. Thanks for the chance to win. XO Fran.

  20. LOVE the pin!! I'm just really getting into crafting but I have to say I'm loving creating fun bow/flowers to put ON the gift! LOL

  21. I love the pin! SO precious! :) My favorite gift to make/send is "snail mail." As a college girl, it is so fun to receive something in my mailbox. I have started writing letters/drawing pictures and sending them to my friends so we can all have a little joy in our days!

    The flower is beautiful. Have a great day!

  22. I love to monogram little happies.
    Theresa N

  23. Ooooh...what a fun gift! My favorite gift to give is always something handmade...from me, something painted, like a mini canvas or plaque. I also love gifts on, stuffed critters and more. Handmade is best!

  24. What a beautiful pin! And, that still my heart. I love giving friends and family beautiful framed pictures of times spent together. Pictures we have taken together while living life.

    This fourth grade teacher would love to wear that pin... it would definitely "punch up" the "teacher" wardrobe.

    Thank you,

  25. Oh I love that magazine! And what a cute cover! and that truly is the perfect gift for a teacher!

  26. Those pins are just gorgeous, Jill!! My favorite gift for teachers is usually some fun cupcake in a jar with a little gift card to Starbucks. I just found some fun,new cupcake in a jar recipes in the "Deen Brothers Tailgating" magazine, and think i'll be making Leila's three teachers the lemon pie cupcakes for Halloween!! xoxo!

  27. I love your blog, all of your ideas are amazing. I was introduced to you blog by a mutual friend and she assured me you are just as neat in person. Thanks for sharing with us

  28. I'm a paper crafts kind of girl and I LOVE creating all sorts of things. There really are too many to choose from. I love Life:Beautiful! It's probably one of my most FAVORITE magazines. What a great giveaway. I also love the flower pins. So cute!

  29. Where do you find the Life:Beautiful magazine? It looks like a good one, but I don't think I've seen it before? Thanks!!

  30. I love that magazine! What beautiful do you make those? Thank you for the kind comments tonight:)


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