Monday, June 28, 2010

The little jars that could...

go from being ordinary food jars found in the pantry...
and once emptied,
simply adorned with favorite fabric scraps and vintage lace...

to become perfect little happy jars...

and just in case you are presented with an extra large
bouquet of flowers...

they also become perfect little vases...

and create quite a lovely tabletop as well...
all from the little jars that could!

Happy Monday!
Many Blessings!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

BE the cherry on top!

be the little extra something special ...

someone filled with a sweet spirit and kind words...

one who finds great joy in encouraging others...

a bright and happy inspiration...

someone who is simply ...
"the cherry on top!"

I created the little stitched piece above as a reminder for myself...
sweet Laura from "along for the ride" invited me to join her
on a wonderful project!
"90 days of kindness challenge"
you can read more about it here, and join us if you'd like!
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all joined in? now that really would "be the cherry on top"!

Have a happy Day!
Many Blessings!

Friday, June 18, 2010

won't you please join me?

I'm sharing the perfect happy little shoes for summer:
"Flutter Flip-Flops"!
at my sweet friend Heather's blog today!

and I do believe there might even be a
"summer sun" butterfly pin looking for a new home!

hope to see y'all at Heather's blog, Blessed Little Nest!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

how to choose a winner??

my sweet, little twelve year old cowgirl,
Princess #1, snuck into my studio earlier this week...

she was busy creating what she calls,
"the wild hearts collection"
freehand paintings of her favorite subjects-

one little problem...

I just LOVE them all...
(I think it's the proud momma  in me!)

and neither she- nor I- can choose which one...

should go in the frame I created for her as a little surprise!
could YOU?
would YOU?
be so kind as to help us choose a winner??
simply leave a comment with your number choice from above!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!
Have a happy day!
Many Blessings!

Monday, June 14, 2010

"...with a cherry on top!"

a really cute,
cherry on top!

1. gather a few favorite fabrics in "cheery cherry colors" of your choice and
cut circles large enough to wrap and cover wooden beads.
2. apply Mod Podge to fabric and wooden bead, wrap fabric around bead, gathering at the bead top.
3. use thin wire to form cherry "stem", wrap in floral tape, trim and shape as desired.
4. stick finished "stem" through top bead hole.

repeat until desired amount of happy little cherries have been created!

after all...
life is just a bit sweeter when enjoyed with a "cherry on top!"

and speaking of sweet...
be sure and stop by my precious friend Heather's this week!
She is hosting an AMAZING week filled with lots of fun and special guests!
(I'll be joining her this Friday! and I can hardly wait!)

Happy Monday!
Many Blessings!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Celebration of life...and the winner!

Dear sweet friends,

Please forgive my unexpected delay in announcing the Lisa Leonard Designs winner,
Congratulations to
Mandi @ finding home!!!!
(actually DOUBLE congratulations- Mandi is also going to be a new mommy!)

My beloved uncle passed away this weekend after a long, difficult battle with M.S..
I am now back home (in Texas) where I will remain this week for my uncle's
"Celebration of life"!

I look forward to sharing a few happy things with you next week!

Lots of love and many Blessings,

Friday, June 4, 2010

"Going to the chapel"...and another lovely stop too!

is where these pretty gifts are headed...
to be a part of a very special wedding tomorrow!

this week has been filled with champagne pearls, swarovski crystals,
lovely raw silks and ribbons too!

as each project was completed they were hung to enjoy...
a *sparkly* pretty little assembly line...

8 bridesmaids...

2 junior bridesmaids...

the colors chosen are so pretty!- a bit tropical in feel...
 raw silks flowers created with pearl centers...

a clip attached to the back, so the flowers can be worn in the hair...

but also so they can be attached to each sweet girl's gift...

and 2 little flower girls...
each with their pretty posie headband to wear...

also wrapped to give and headed to the chapel too!

What a fun (busy) week of creating it's been!
Looking forward to tomorrow, it's going to be a magical day!

Two precious lives joining together...
with friends and family surrounding them in love!

and speaking of love...

isn't this the most adorable tray of goodies?!!

You can find it, along with many other delightful things- including
my original "bon-bon necklace" design
in "pocket full of posies" reader Brenda's new shop!
stop by and say "hello"'ll just love all her creations!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A favorite of mine...{a give-away!}

simply beautiful jewelry...

so many delightful choices...
each piece so unique- just as each person that wears a Lisa Leonard Design!

and guess what!
sweet Lisa would like to offer one lucky "a pocket full of posies" reader
a $ 50.00 gift certificate to her amazing shop!!!

so you can choose YOUR favorite piece!

simply leave a comment on this post sharing one of YOUR favorite things!
winner will be chosen randomly this Friday, June 4th!

Happy June!
Many Blessings!