Monday, March 29, 2010

A "berry" good problem...


lots and lots of strawberries...

beautiful fresh strawberries...
courtesy of the Prince's football fundraiser!

we have enjoyed sharing them with friends and neighbors...

cooking every recipe we can find using strawberries...
but we STILL have hundreds of strawberries!!!

I'd just love to know your recipes and ideas to help us
with this "berry" good problem!

Oh, please do share!

Happy Monday!
Many Blessings!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Scrappy Happy!

just a little project using some of my favorite things!

scraps from the scrap jar and vintage baubles...

all patched together to make happy little crosses...

just in time to hang from a few branches...

to create our "scrappy happy" Easter tree!

Are you ready for Easter next weekend???

I think I may need another week or two!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Many Blessings!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sweet dreams...

When I visited one of my favorite blogs- Home & Harmony- recently
and saw the beautiful hand embroidered pillowcases
Rie had shared that she created for her daughters,
I knew instantly I wanted to create some for our girls too...
I had never embroidered before-
(yet, now I am completely smitten!)- but decided to give it a try!
for Princess #2 I simply chose her initials with two little kitties-
because she LOVES kitties!

and tonight she will find her new pillowcase with a small
piece of chocolate wrapped with a note from me...
I'm so excited just thinking of her sweet little head lying on her
pillowcase created especially for her with lots and lots of love!

and for Princess #1 I also simply chose her initials but with two little
birds in her favorite colors...

she too will find a wrapped piece of chocolate with a note from me...
and I'm anxious to hear in the morning if indeed both their dreams
were just a bit sweeter sleeping on their new pillowcases!

Thank you Rie for the wonderful inspiration!- now I may need to
attempt a tablecloth too! and napkins, and tote bags, and
clothes, and...told ya'll- I'm smitten!

Oh! and I almost forgot!
the winner of the Life:Beautiful subscription:


congratulations!- just email me your address-
I truly wish I could send everyone a subscription!- for
those that asked here is their website for more info.:

Have a happy day!
Many Blessings!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life:Beautiful...{a little give-away}

We are enjoying Spring Break this week...
the children and I are soaking-up TEXAS sized memories
with all our precious family and friends!

and while we are away...
I have a little something I would love to share...

one of my absolute favorite things to receive in the mailbox!
(sadly only four times a year!-
Oh, how I wish it was much more often!)

Life:Beautiful magazine!

it's just delightful, filled with beautiful inspiration through-out...

I think you would just love it too!...

so I would like to give-away a one year gift subscription!
simply leave a comment on this post telling me something
you find beautiful!

winner will be chosen randomly Sunday March 21,
and will be posted on Monday March 22!

Have a wonderful week!!!
Many Blessings!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Where little girls dream...

tucked in a cozy little bed...

beneath the magic sparkle from above...

in a room filled with special little treasures...

a soft place where troubles and fears can be rocked away...

a very own place to hang ones hat...

to hold precious memories...

a room created with lots of love...

just for our Princess #2...
a place where our little girl dreams.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Butterfly Kisses!

Definitely one of my favorite things!...

on my pearls to church...

on my jacket around town...

on my purse for a date with handsome hubby...

on a little pillow for a touch of spring...

on Princess #1's lampshade just to make her smile!

Oh goodness!
just about everywhere!

I'm so delighted to share just a small bit
of the Spring Collection with you! found here!
made with lots and lots of love!

Butterfly kisses to you!
Many Blessings!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Just what the Dr. ordered!

After a looong few weeks spent caring for very sick little ones...
(which just breaks my heart when all the cuddles and
mommy kisses in the world can't make it all better!)
a nice dose of crafty "medicine" was in order for this momma!

torn strips of fabric- ready and waiting to become shabby chic
little necklaces- using the basics from one of my favorite tutorials...

one down!
four more "doses" to go!

ahhh... feeling better already!
(and the little ones are on the mend too!)

Have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So many...

creative ideas simply waiting to be set free...

to be shared and enjoyed...

Oh, why aren't there just a few more hours in each day??!

Hope your day is happy and bright!
Many Blessings!