Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sweet dreams...

When I visited one of my favorite blogs- Home & Harmony- recently
and saw the beautiful hand embroidered pillowcases
Rie had shared that she created for her daughters,
I knew instantly I wanted to create some for our girls too...
I had never embroidered before-
(yet, now I am completely smitten!)- but decided to give it a try!
for Princess #2 I simply chose her initials with two little kitties-
because she LOVES kitties!

and tonight she will find her new pillowcase with a small
piece of chocolate wrapped with a note from me...
I'm so excited just thinking of her sweet little head lying on her
pillowcase created especially for her with lots and lots of love!

and for Princess #1 I also simply chose her initials but with two little
birds in her favorite colors...

she too will find a wrapped piece of chocolate with a note from me...
and I'm anxious to hear in the morning if indeed both their dreams
were just a bit sweeter sleeping on their new pillowcases!

Thank you Rie for the wonderful inspiration!- now I may need to
attempt a tablecloth too! and napkins, and tote bags, and
clothes, and...told ya'll- I'm smitten!

Oh! and I almost forgot!
the winner of the Life:Beautiful subscription:


congratulations!- just email me your address-
I truly wish I could send everyone a subscription!- for
those that asked here is their website for more info.:

Have a happy day!
Many Blessings!


  1. those pillowcases are darling! and i just love how you presented them to your girls. how fun it would be to find those on my bed at night! *sigh*
    you should check out the book, Doodle-Stitching by Aimee Ray. i just got it at the library and it's got fabulous ideas for turning our own doodles into embroidery. and it has explanations of stitches.

  2. There you are! I've been missing you. Those pillow cases were so charming. Very YOU.

  3. Ooooh, I *love* yours!! They look vintage! Love the little notes and chocolates attached too. How fun!

  4. Hi JIll. Aren't those all beautiful. Such a sweet thing to do.

  5. Hi, those pillowcases are adorable. How do you find designs like the bird? I cross stitched years ago--I think I still have all my supplies. Thanks for your blog, it's my favorite one!

  6. You are the sweetest mom ever!!

    glad you're "back" : )

  7. if I were as smitten I would make that kitten pillow case for my little girl... she would love it... =)

  8. That is SO cute. Those are the things your kids will remember forever...
    Yeah for Carissa! How exciting!!!

  9. What a wonderful job you did.. AND on your first try.. All I can say is WOW... My favorite part though is the sweet notes you left for your little gals.. What a memory you just made... Good for you!!!

  10. Pillowcases are amazing. You're the first person I haven't had to introduce to Life: Beautiful. Isn't it the most amazing magazine?!

  11. yay!!! so excited to win! can't wait to get the magazine!!! thank you so very much! the pillowcase is presh... especially with the note and chocolate! you are such a sweet mom.


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