Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guess who "hopped" by?...

The other evening while I was busy finishing up this
little pillow I was making...

that was to be placed in one of my many children's chairs...
(I just love child sized furniture!)

Princess #2 began shouting something!

We all ran to see was she was shouting about...
she was pointing out the front door saying,
"Look!!! it's a baby bunny on our porch!"

At first we weren't was SO small!
as we looked closer...
indeed it was! How precious!

Had he "hopped" by to see if rabbit cottage was finished yet?
(not quite....soon though!)

or perhaps he just thought it a safe place to hide-out...

either way- he is very welcome here!
Princess #2 even prepares him meals daily!

What an exciting evening!

Have a happy day!


  1. Oh he's so cute!! I've never seen a baby bunny... what fun!

  2. How incredibly sweet .. the baby bunny AND your pillow! In the top photo, the part of the chair right above the pillow looks like a bunny eyes, nose and ears, doesn't it?!

  3. So sweet! I love that she made dinner for the bunny.

  4. Goodness how cute he is! Oh and she is so sweet to make sure to have supper for baby bunny!
    Great post!

  5. Love the cute pillow!! The bunny is so sweet, too!!

  6. I am getting in my car and driving to your house right now! I want to meet you and your family (and so do my girls!) but the bunny has put me over the edge! That is the cutest thing EVER! Plus, I have a thing for bunnies- truly one of my most favorite things.:) That pillow is DARLING, Sweets! And how sweet of Princess #2 to leave bunny num nums! Lori

  7. Oh, and your swag is yum, yum, YUMMY! Did you make it? Lori

  8. What a lovely post Jill, we have quite a few of those little guys running around too. So sweet! Nice pillow, very unique!

    Have a Great Day-

  9. No wonder you call it Rabbit Cottage! How charming! I love bunnies...used to raise them as a kid! Your cottage must be a magical place!

  10. That is quite possibly the cutest rabbit I have EVER seen!

  11. That is so sweet that princess #2 prepares him meals...what a cutie patootie too, he's so little.

    Jamie :)

  12. Too cute! Bunnies are one of the few animals that are as cute in person as they are in my imagination. I have missed checking in with you and I love seeing all your new projects and activities. Inspiring, thank you!

    Take care! Love.

  13. That is just the cutest little thing...the bunny too:)

  14. Oh my goodness! How adorable is that? My little princess was just holding baby bunnies this weekend. Not wild ones but at a farm - adorable!
    What is your Rabbit Cottage? I am intrigued by it's cuteness!


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