Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Home is...

where the art is!"

why and of course...
most of all-
the heart!

I love creating these *very simple* wire shapes,
wrapping them in fabric scraps, using hot glue to secure as you go along,
and adding a lovely ribbon on top!
( I like to create letters too, and attach them to the tops of gifts)

and then I also just like them "hanging around"...
a perfect reminder that:
"Home is where your art AND heart is!"

Have a wonderful day!
Many Blessings!

p.s. Have I said I'm sorry yet?
I haven't visited so many of my blogging friends.
(or been able to respond to emails!)
Our computer has been very sick lately.
I'm sorry, I miss you, I hope to be catching up soon!


  1. Such simple and creative ideas...I think I will let my granddaughter try some of the hearts. She will love it...

    Enjoyed visiting you today!

  2. so pretty!! i love all your projects. so much heart in each one! hope your computer woes are over soon. have a happy day, friend!

  3. Great idea! Where do you get your wire - what gauge is it?

  4. Hi Jill, we just got back from 6 weeks in the States and our home computer has decided to bite the dust. Gotta figure it out as I have tons of pictures saved on it.

    Love your simple ideas for crafting. I know I have some wire and fabric scraps around here somewhere.

    First I must get packed and organized. That may take awhile.

    Wishing you all the best, Tammy :)

  5. your little wire letters and art are just

  6. Oh, I love it!! Those hearts-and other shapes would make great Christmas ornaments.

  7. Did you really make that house out of wire? That is soooo cool!

  8. I love those!!! so much fun! I want to make a bird like that heart now!! =) I wish I could find more time for cleaning and craft projects! ;)


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