Friday, August 27, 2010

"A Moving Story" Chapter 3: Going Up!

I'm so thankful that things seem to be moving-right-along!
What a difference a week makes!
(wish I could get that much done that fast!)
Let's see...

the second story is beginning to take shape...
and the front porch!
Y'all come on in-
please excuse the very "do not enter" looking barricade,

and excuse the mess too!
the children would love to take you upstairs...

they are *beyond* excited to be able to look out their windows
in their new rooms...actually, they even like looking out their walls now too!
The Prince and Princess #2's view is of the front lake...
Princess #1 looks out the back- she's dreaming of a window seat in her bay of windows...
(I'm thinking that's why she chose this room!)

and just cause we thought it was funny to see our first "food"
in the new kitchen...(on the infamous turquoise wood no doubt!)

and even the mantel has a little decoration too!
I'm thinking "an apple a day" must be helping them "keep (survive) the heat away!"
or maybe that's how they get so much done...
think I need an apple now!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings!


  1. yea! You should throw a house warming blog party when its all done!: )

  2. Oh even in the roughness of it you can tell it's going to be something! And what amazing views you will all have. So excited for you Jill. Have a great weekend girlie.

  3. WOW! Can't beleive how beautiful a location you are in. Where is that? So jealous!

  4. this is so much fun to see your gorgeous new home
    going up from the studs!

    the view from the bedrooms is spectacular.

    love the apple.

  5. apples are too cute!

    you must be soo excited. :-)

    Can't wait to see the after shots. blessings,

  6. How fun, Jill, to be journalling the making of your new home right here on your blog. We will enjoy each step and rejoice with you when you get to move in.


  7. i love these updates your giving us. those views are outstanding!

  8. How adventuorous to see a building taking up shape - and congrats to your new house!

  9. How exciting! And the views are great.

  10. It looks amazing. WHAT wonderful views... Now that could just make your whole day.

  11. It's coming right along.. It's gonna be beautiful!


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