Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Sometimes in order to sing...

you must first create the music...

sometimes in order to create,
you must first sing."

Guess you might say...

I've been doing a little "singing" lately!

tell me,
where do you find inspiration?

Have a happy day!
Many Blessings!


  1. jill!!! those bird tiles are amazing. i love the colors, textures, and the wonderful designs. so lovely! i'm finding inspiration right here in those little guys.

  2. Wow what will you come up with next? I think I'm going to stare at these little guys some more and hope they inspire me, these are wonderful!

  3. Alright. You are officially the most creative person I know.:) Love you!:) Lori

  4. Love these birdie tiles. So very sweet indeed.

    I am always inspired when I flit around blog land.

    Hope the house is coming along, on schedule. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  5. I LOVE these Jill. You inspire me each time I visit. Sooo cool!

  6. Beatiful birds. I find inspiration from anything creative - Creativity breeds creativity. It is one of the reasons I enjoy your blog, Jill.


  7. Beautiful! I just love seeing your creations, Jill!! xoxo!

  8. I love this idea, so creative and cleaver. I wanted to email you and ask about the mechanics of this project. I am inspired to use something like this for an upcoming walk. will you send me an email at jerriann28 at hotmail dot com? Thanks.

  9. You ... You inspire me! I love those tiles!! =)


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