Friday, August 13, 2010

"A Moving Story" Chapter 1: For Land's Sake

We have always had a little dream...
of living in the country...
a white farmhouse, with large porches to sit and sip tea with friends,
 and plenty of land for the children and our menagerie of animals to enjoy...

Well, one fine Saturday morning while on a little country drive...
we came upon the most beautiful piece of land!
Our hearts skipped a beat and we just knew...
this was IT!
This is where our home will be sitting in the next several months!

nestled in this lovely clover field...
(which the horses will certainly enjoy!)

the view from that front porch-
the front lake...
most often filled with ducks swimming along...
( or the children "accidentally" falling in!)

and back behind that farmhouse you'll find lots and lots of this...
woods, secret paths, a few creeks...

and "magic forests" for dreaming and playing...
(we'll discuss the nest of snakes we stepped in later...
did you know snakes have nests?- me either!
but I sure do now!)

Oh! and through one set of woods there is another pasture...
and a large back lake- the ducks seem to like it here too!
(The children (and my daddy) are looking forward to lots of fishing here!)

and so now the stress fun begins!
I do hope you'll join me on this new journey...
as we trade the "city life" for the very "country life"!

So, tell me-
What's your dream?
city life or country life?

Have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings!


  1. how exciting jill!! what a wonderful new journey. i can't wait to see the home you create!

  2. YAY! I'll live vicariously through you.

  3. Jill- I am so very excited for you, dear friend! What a dreamy location for your dream home! I cannot wait to see how things develop!! Big hugs! Lori

  4. Fabulous for you
    The photos look beautiful - what a great place to build :)

  5. Definetly country life. I live in a rural housing development kinda out in the country. I have to have green instead of concrete. Best of luck.

  6. certainly not snake nests! i AM familiar
    and the antidote, believe it or not, is
    cats! snakes hate how quick they are.

    what a lovely piece of property to raise
    family memories.

  7. Lovely, except for the snakes!

  8. Absolutely idyllic! It screams Jane Austen

  9. Oh I 'm so excited for you! I have the same dream! We would love to build a house in a little place called oak glen. It's only about 30 min from the city but it feels like your weeks away. This reminds me of a movie I love! Funny farm with Chevy chase. It's an 80's movie but it cracks me up and I love the scenery. keep us posted on all the details!

  10. Simply beautiful Jill! I thought the first picture was your new home. I was going to be even more jealous of you than before! I know you will have a beautiful home and everyone will enjoy the country living. Miss you.

  11. Country life...100%!!! Your little piece of heaven is glorious. SOOO happy for you girl!

  12. Wow- how exciting!!!!

    I have my greatest wish- to live in a suburban neighborhood- large yard for the kids- but close enough to go shopping :)

  13. oh my goodness! apparently we share the same dream...yours is just realized. AWESOME! {seething with jealousy} Love your blog btw. ;)

  14. Hooray for you and the family!!! I grew up on a I'm a country girl at heart....but I love being in the city right now too, for its conveniences. We are in a place where it's easy for me to have a little of both....good stuff! Can't wait to see pics of your home as it develops!

  15. Definitely the country life for me. I am not a city girl at all. Give me the great outdoors and a porch and I'm a happy camper. Wishing you all the best as you move forward with all your plans and dreams. :) Tammy

  16. I'm so thrilled for you and your family, Jill!! Such fun!

    Oh - and I am absolutely terrrified of snakes. Even just seeing one on tv makes my stomach turn. Reading about the snake nest made my palms all sweaty!

  17. Oh my word...I cannot wait to see your new home as y'all build it up!! LOVE your land, too!! I am so desperately wanting to live in the country, but live in a small town now. I love small towns, though!!


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