Thursday, July 29, 2010

Special stitches...

created by a sweet mom...
sitting in a hospital room with her precious daughter...
truly a keepsake,
a moment in time that will not easily be forgotten...
yet forever cherished...

meet Emilie...
the precious daughter!
Emilie was just recently diagnosed with Leukemia...
see her beautiful smile?
her inside is just as beautiful too!!- exactly one month from when she was diagnosed,
Emilie wrote in her journal:

"Praise the Lord always. He made me in my mom's womb and He made me special
just the way I am. I should praise the Lord always."

What a beautiful example of faith!
You are a "shining star" Emilie!!
Philippians 2:14,15

Thank you Patti for sharing your special stitches...
and most of all your special family!

Our love and prayers are with you all!
Many Blessings!


  1. I have been praying for Emilie. What a sweetie pie and so pretty- and strong in her faith! We should all learn from her. May the Lord bless them!:) Lori

  2. Prayers for this sweet girl.

  3. ah! tears to my eyes!!!!! my heart breaks for them but rejoices for how strong this little girl is!!!

  4. Oh wow...I think that little girl has a special gift...of faith. Wow, I'm just kind of speechless.

  5. Oh my goodness Jill...just teary looking into her precious little freckled face. What a sweetheart. Sending up prayers for her and her family. Thanks for sharing!

  6. what amazing faith! i pray that it only grows stronger during this part of her journey. i will be praying for miss emilie and her family. she's a can tell just by looking at her.

  7. Jill thank you for sharing this precious sweet Emilie with all of us. What a true blessing she is to all that are fortunate to know and love her.
    I will certainly lift this baby up in prayer each day that God will heal Emilie and keep her strong.
    Thanks for the sweet comment you left about my grandbaby. Can not tell you how much it means to me.

  8. i love everything about this post. period.

  9. Beautiful. Just Beautiful.
    I have missed you Jill! I have been on a little summer hiatus. I hope you are doing well. You always bring so much cheer and joy. xoxo

  10. That is such a powerful testimony. I pray that God would use her life in a great way for Him. Such a sweet post.

    ~ ~

  11. Thank you Jill for the beautiful post and prayers for Emilie and thank you "Pocket Full of Posies" fans for the sweet comments and prayers!

  12. How precious...This touches my heart because our grandson just finished treatment for his Leukemia. He had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. As a matter of fact, we just came from Children's in Dallas today. He had a check-up today. Platlet count is still down but everthing else was good. I know how difficult this is. We will definitely be praying for Emilie. Any questions, please send your friend my way. Thanks for sharing! We support Wipe out kids Cancer, Light the Night, and Relay for life! Victory is ours says the Lord!

    Confessions of A Razzle-Dazzle Housewife

  13. Beautiful!! I love that something you made inspired such a beautiful moment and a precious piece of art/a memory for Emilie's mom! I am so glad you shared!! Praying for Emilie and her family!! I have my babies hands traced on paper that I have not done anything with... I "might" have found what to do now!! =)

  14. Praying for that beautiful girl and her family!

  15. How sweet. I love the handprints... Praying for Emilie. Our God is might to save!


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