Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just stepped out...

we packed-up our "perfect happy little summer shoes" last week,
and headed out for a little summer holiday...
we're enjoying lots of special celebrations and sweet times
with our family and friends!
I just popped-in to share *again*(by an overwhelming amount of requests!)
the tutorial for the "perfect happy little shoes for summer" ...

1. begin with a plain pair of flip-flops
2. cut a butterfly shape from your choice of fabric
(I chose two for extra stability)
3. stitch the two fabrics together using embroidery floss
4. cut a slightly larger butterfly shape from another fabric
 and loosely stitch a gather in the center

5. cut a fourth piece of fabric in a strip and stitch down the center and ruffle,
then stitch all pieces together down the center
6. cut a long narrow strip of fabric and tie around the butterfly body,
knotting at the top, trim ends to form "antennas"
7. sew a vintage bead or stone for the butterfly head
8. simply attach the butterflies to the flip-flops using hot glue
(and I added a few stitches using an upholstery needle too)
and now try on your new perfect happy little summer shoes!

and enjoy!

Have a wonderful week!!
Many Blessings!


  1. Jill thank you so much,I'm having some gals over this week and I'm going to make them each a pair! now all I need is there shoe size lol


  2. OMG.. Those are the cutest things I've seen in a long time.. Just darling.

  3. such happy little shoes. i just love them!!!

  4. Jill, you have the cutest feet!! and ideals!! Your a doll!! I love your posts!! XO Take care, Fran.

  5. STOP being so cute. These are perfect and I love them!

  6. Those are precious!!! I was wondering what our flip flops were missing...butterflies!!!!!
    We'll be craftin' up some tomorrow!!!
    xo maureen

  7. Completely A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E...what a sweet embellishment...will pop a couple of butterflies on my flip flops immediately...smile on... Rosie

  8. These are seriously cute! I am bookmarking this page so I can make some. The butterflies are adorable.

  9. I am doing a camp sparkle with some girlies next week... inspired by another blogger... and I might... maybe have to add your butterflies!! =) They are so cute! Bless you for sharing! =)

  10. We sewed your butterflies!! =) I blanked and could not remember where I got them from! I am so glad you stopped by today!! I am going to edit my post right now and shout you out!! forgive me for being so airhead=ish?! =) The 9-10 year old girls LOVED sewing them!

  11. ohhh emmmm geeee. super duper adorable!


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