Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Table for one!

The other day I lunched outside...
at our little bistro table on the patio...

I had just a simple lunch-
a sandwich and a few fresh strawberries.

I set the table with a cloth I love...
cut a few roses...
and even tied my napkin with a ribbon...

as I sat enjoying the sounds of the waterfall splashing
into the pool and the birds singing...
I thought- about nothing really...
just a few daydreams here and there...
it seemed that my simple lunch became so much more...
a gift- to myself...
a quiet moment...a time to be still...
a time to catch my breath and count my Blessings...

from such a simple moment came such a glorious time!
all at a "table for one"!

Have a lovely day!
Many Blessings!


  1. Such a pretty table setting, Jill! I love the pattern on the tablecloth. I love simple things such as this...your meal looked yummy even though it was a sandwich...the quick ones are always pleasers with me.

  2. what a wonderful day! love the tablecloth, dishes, etc! lucky you!

  3. That is so adorable, Jill!! Love your frame from two post ago, too!! So cute!!

  4. Oh, how I would love to join you and make it a table for two, Jill! Lori

  5. That really sounds amazing. And what a beautiful table you set. I can't even imagine what is would look like if it was for more. xoox

  6. oh how perfect!!! Love it.

    And... Thank you for the SWEET birthday wishes!! You blessed my heart with your comment.

  7. Wow look at that gorgeous table...set just for you. I would eat lunch with you any day Jill. What a great little treat for yourself:)

  8. Oh, you're lunch for one would have turned into a lunch for two had I known, tee hee. What a lovely set up and beautiful table cloth, oh my!! Good for you...taking time to relax by yourself...we all deserve that sometimes!!

    Jamie :)

  9. What a delightful treat for yourself!!! Your lunch looked wonderful,

  10. Oh Jill, that seems like to me your secret garden spot!! Just you and God and his beautiful world!! We all need special moments like that with Him.! Fran.

  11. So so lovely...I adore that table for one...the colours are amazing and that tablecloth...stunning...I would so love to join you and make it a table for two!

  12. how relaxing!
    love that scarf below too :)


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