Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A gift from nature...

My sweet friend Teresa blessed me with a large bag of
"horse apples" from her field...

I just LOVE "horse apples"!

look at their color!
and the texture!
aren't they glorious!!?

I decided to fill one of my large glass hurricanes with them...

I then added some fabric strips, a bow, and a few "recycled" tags...
(the "recycled" tags are from the amazing packaging
from one of my favorite shops! visit Jeanne,
order something delightful and then "recycle"
the packaging in your decorating too!)

I placed the hurricane next to a little table in the entry...
just inside the front doors...

It makes me smile each time I walk by and see my
"gift from nature!"

Have a lovely day!
Many Blessings!


  1. How Beautiful! I love your entryway!

  2. That's a horse apple??? I'm dying here, because all my life, I thought horse apples were another nice term for uh... that "apple" that they leave behind... you know?

    Where on earth can you get some of those things?? What are they made of? I'm in love with them, especially knowing they aren't what I once thought they were!!

    They look darling in that glass too...

    Oh, and you can call me ANY sweet name you want girl..I loved your comment today, it just blessed me to my toes!

    Much love,

  3. Wow that looks lovely. That pop of green really brightens up your beautiful entry perfectly!

  4. What a lovely entry! Your whole house for that matter!!!!

    I have to say, I've never seen a "horse apple" before. They are really interesting with the texture and color. Perfect for Fall :)

  5. What a great idea Jill!! I love those things, tee hee, so funny I posted about them a while back trying to find out what they were exactly...

    ...hadn't thought to decorate with them, but hmmmm...I might have to do that too, thanks!!

    Jamie :)

  6. I love horse apples. I haven't seen any in a long, long time! I remember them being wonderfully sticky!!! Your entry looks great. I love the mirror with the ribbon. Off to figure out how to get those awesome tags!
    xxx kim

  7. those are soooooo cool! i have never seen anything like them! but i LOVE them! and you are just oooooozing with amaze me and inspire me every time i read your blog!

  8. i've never seen a horse apple until now! they're really neat! thanks for sharing!

  9. It looks great and how wonderful that you were able to reuse the tags!!

  10. Ooooh, I ♥ your entry!! I love the table, the lamps, the wire cloche. Love it!

  11. We have them around here! Now I need to go and find some.... They are so incredible for decorating! Who would have ever though? YOU!:) I am IN LOVE with your entryway! Double doors!!! Be still my heart! Lori

    I mailed your goodies today, Sweetie! I am behind on the girls' packages, though. Please forgive me! It's the fashion show weekend and things are crazy! Plus company is coming... Oh my... One item is breakable in your package and I am SO hoping that it makes it OK!!!

  12. am i crazy? i have never heard of or seen a horse apple?!! I want them!!! (sorry, the veruca salt in me just came out!) :)

  13. So that's what they are called??? We have them but we just call them "funny-looking green fruit thingies." Anyway, they look awfully cute!

  14. Horse apples?? Never heard of them. Can they be eaten? They sure are pretty!

  15. New to your blog and enjoying visiting you. I am from MO and we call these hedge apples and they are greener. I've heard that if you have varmints such as skunks, moles, raccoons or such and they want to live under your porch or deck, you can throw some "hedge apples" under there and they will leave. My grandmother, who would be 100+ if she was still living, was a true crafter. She use to slice them and bake them in the over. Then she would use them in flower arrangements. Just think how much crafting has changed since she was doing it 40 years ago.


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