Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Mad for Plaid"!

Oh, yes it's true!
I simply had to create...

a fun little posie to add
a dash of plaid to the plain!

a more "fancy" festive version...
to create quite a stir...

Oh! and did I mention?
a necklace this one can be!

and why I couldn't forget!-
a little bit country this plaid posie prefers!

Each one different- yet somewhat the same...
for they all seem to say,
"I'm mad for plaid!"

Have a happy day!


  1. I want one!! Do you sell these Jill? TOO CUTE:)

  2. Jill! I have always loved plaid! Black watch plaid is my favorite.:) Or is it tartan? Love them both... Do you have a favorite? You certainly have shown us that it is indeed FALL!:) Yippee! Lori

  3. Wow Jill these are so cute! I love plaid country looking to me!

  4. I absolutely love the plaid! Now I want to know where I can get one.

  5. I like the 2nd photo with the red plaid on the grey jacket!

  6. They look really good! I love the blend of different prints!

    xoxo Agnes

  7. these are so pretty! i love flowers, thank you for visiting :)

  8. Love plaid!!! So very pretty. xoxo

  9. Oh I love them!! Its also great to see some non-bright{though I love them} colors.

  10. Wow, those are so cute... Wouldn't my jean jacket look darling with one of those on it? Or would that look dumb on a jean jacket? I bet it would be cute...

  11. Beautiful posies! I love the plaids you used! Thanks for the well-wishes & stopping by my blog:D

  12. I love these too! Do you sell them? My fave is the one on the gray jacket as well! :D

  13. I just saw these of Farmgirl Paints and had to run over to see them. They are so fun. Do you sell them...I so need one or five ;)


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