Friday, September 4, 2009

LuLu says...

Happy September!!!
Fall is just "nipping" at summer's heels...
as the temperatures begin to cool...
why not embellish a plain scarf to enjoy?
(preferably one found on sale!- like I found -at Target...
for under $4.00!!)

so many ideas to add a little "happy" to a scarf!!!
& of course posies!

all made from fun materials
and embellished with sequins and beads!

What a sweet gift idea too!

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!
Many Blessings!


  1. I love your posies and I love them on this scarf. So cute.

    Thank you for your comment, I guess sometimes I just need a little conformation. Wish I lived next door.

  2. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
    i love it!!!!

  3. Jill! Now this is just too gorgeous! So, when can we get together and craft??!!:) You make me want to create happy and beautiful things!!! Lori

  4. i want, like, 10 of those in every color i have in my wardrobe!

  5. Jill!
    These look just wonderful! What a way to dress up a simple accessory! You made it sooo much fun and it looks quite cozy, too! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  6. Girl you are just GOOD! Love that punch of color. I bet you are just a happy shows:) Have a great loonnnnggg weekend!

  7. Love that scraf! The things you make always just seem to be happy. Like you look at them and just smile. You rock girl! Fran.

  8. I was selling lots at a garage sale today and thought of you! I had so many things in the colors you use for fabric and paper crafting....I thought...dang I bet Jill could do something cool with this! I love everything you create this scarf is lovely I want one!

  9. Just had to come back and say thanks for your encouraging words. Your comment was just what I needed to hear. Jill you are such a sweetheart:) Did you know that??

  10. I adore you pretty scarf..what a neat idea..I would love to wrap that around myself this fall! Lovely post!

  11. cute cute cute!

    Thank you always for such comments on my blog!

  12. I'm loving it!!! Perfect for September!!!

  13. That's adorable! A wonderful gift idea I must agree ;-)

    Jamie :)

  14. I also love this scarf! I'm a first time visitor and am loving your posies!
    have a great day!


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