Monday, May 4, 2009

Mud pies and fairy cakes...

I always dreamed of being a mom...

from an early age I just knew I wanted to spend my days making mud pies & fairy cakes...
I love each and every single moment! (minus the "throw-up" part)
I treasure every giggle, tear, cuddle & discovery...
like the first fresh picked strawberry...
grown and "discovered" in our garden by Princess #2...
"look mom-ma! my first stwaa-berry!"
Indeed it is!

Happy Mother's Day week!

Hope it's filled with the pure joy of mud pies & fairy cakes!



  1. LOVE that sweet little plate! It is so true...and I never knew how much I'd love mud pies til I was a mommy. :)
    Happy Monday, sweet friend!

  2. Very cute! Great post!

  3. You have strawberries in your yard?? So jealous...Love them!!
    Love the post!! I, too, wanted to be a wife and mommy.

  4. Love you! And I want that darn plate!! And while I had the strawberry bush in my hand and put it back when I couldn't think of where we'd plant it.... now I want it again!! Love that sweet pwencess #2!!

  5. Love this plate.. very cute.. ever in Texas stop by!

  6. I have strawberries those in the summer mornings with little sugar and milk...Have a Happy Mother's Day Week!

  7. A nice reminder to enjoy the moments. Happy Mother's Day week.


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