Monday, May 11, 2009

A Beauty Secret???

Yep! It's a Monday!

Ladies, I may have discovered the World's Greatest Beauty Secret-
or I may be in the hospital later today...

let me explain:

This is a bit of a busy week. (HUGE understatement!) While rushing around getting ready this morning- I grabbed my "eye cream"- applied a nice generous amount- again, HUGE understatement- when I went to put away my "eye cream"- funny thing- it was already put away- strange, what's in my hand?

Are you kidding me?? (panic setting in)

reading back of tube- Oh my goodness!!!- no time to "flush the eye area", "test on forearm", and here we go..."do not apply directly underneath the eye or on top of the eyelid!" (EXTREME panic setting in) Oops!!! Aren't wrinkles kinda like stretchmarks??- I mean they ARE from the skin being stretched...- Oh, let's hope so!!!

on a side note...I've never had stretch marks!- Why in the world did I even have a tube of "stretch mark concentrate"???

Happy Monday Ya'll!!! Nothing like starting the week off with a good laugh!

It's gonna be a fun week- if I survive!

Many Blessings!


  1. Isn't that what all those celebrities use for their faces?? And no stretch marks?? I don't think we can be friends anymore...Just kidding!!
    Hope you have a Happy Monday and look younger than ever!!

  2. No stretch fair!!! =) I loved the heart with handprints you created!!! So glad I found your blog!!! have a blessed day!

  3. Well, here is to your survival....raising a glass to you. But the question is....Did it work??? :)

  4. This reminded me of the well sent email forward involving a women, a can of spray glitter and a trip to the Gyn office. :)

  5. What GREAT pictures! Wow- I would be visiting there a lot too!

  6. I just discovered your blog...the funny thing is that I used to work for this company and they actually market this exact creme to department stores as...a wrinkle cream. Their eye version doesn't have the peppermint oil in it, but that's pretty much the only difference. I used to train the sales girls on the feel free to use it on your face.


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