Friday, May 22, 2009

Just pieces...

Throughout the year I save (and cherish!) the children's artwork...
I always have the intention to frame every piece in a fabulous chunky (expensive!) frame...
REALITY: I have three children! The cost would be astronomical!
and even if I could frame each piece I would never have enough wall space
to hang them all!

Cost effective solution:
Collage frame!

I chose some of the artwork that wasn't going to be framed- yes, I still frame some of the art each year- I just can't help it!

and I cut pieces from all three children's collection for the year...
piecing them together to form little collages...
this way I can still have their artwork -or should I say "pieces" of their artwork-
framed to enjoy!

The finished project!
Oh, I also added a little black glaze to the frame- just to take a little "gold" out.

Happy Friday!
Many Blessings!


  1. what a fantastic idea!! and your children are gifted artistically!! what a happy place to look!

  2. Great idea!! I see your children got their Momma's talent!!

  3. What a fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a fabulous idea....thanks for sharing.

  5. this is an adorable idea...and so colorful and professional looking!

  6. Oh Jill, what a fantastic idea!

    I am so excited to try this one out. It really displays their artwork so beautifully. I'm thinking I'll make one to hang in our little guy's room!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. I love you children's artwork. Still working on my grandchildren to get that colorful in their work, but look forward to framing some when I get it.

  8. Gorgeous artwork! I love the idea of taking pieces and putting them in a collage frame. I'm not really a fan of collage frames for displaying photos, but I like the idea of using it for little works of art. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh, I looooooove this idea! I am going to try it with my girls!:) Lori


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