Monday, November 21, 2011

Just ANOTHER {really} random Monday...

I can't believe Thanksgiving is already here!!- THIS week!
I'm not sure I'm ready!  Are you? 

We have another birthday in the house this week!!
My Thanksgiving baby- Princess #1! 

Winston is getting so big!
Have you seen the movie "Marley & Me"?-
Winston IS "Marley & Me part 2"!
He is such a sweet dog- BUT, ALWAYS. HAS. SOMETHING. IN. HIS. MOUTH.!-
which always leads to something torn apart!

I made a little "scrappy-chic" tassel from a few fabric strips,
tied together with a pretty velvet ribbon and a vintage rhinestone pin,
then hung with a loop of burlap.

I also made a trip to the E.R. with precious little Princess #2-
Bless her sweet heart, not the birthday present she had in mind,
a head full of stitches- she has been so brave! (and I have been worried sick!)

and this horse gives new meaning to a "mud bath"!-
clearly he just took one! (he used to be white!)

Sunday night dessert was pumpkin pie!
recipe can be found here (and I still make it the "wrong" way)

Speaking of pie, the American Pie Council and Crisco found that people who liked
certain pies described themselves in the same words. Here are some popular pies-
and the traits of people who love them!

Apple- independent, realistic, & compassionate
Pecan- thoughtful & analytical
Chocolate- loving
Pumpkin- funny & independent

What's your favorite pie?
I like them all!- and I like how that describes me! :)
Guess that goes to show you, sometimes too much of a good thing IS a good thing!

Happy Monday!
Many Blessings,


  1. Hi, Jill! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Your little princess! Oh my! I've also had birthday stiches. When I was 14. So I feel for her.
    Your tassel is adorable!

  2. Oh no - poor princess #2!! And happy birthday to princess #1!

  3. Oh NO! Hope sweetie is doing better! We were at the beach on Thanksgiving. You know the one.:) Can you send me your new address when you get a minute, dear friend? Lori


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