Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The perfect ingredients!

My Grandmother's pumpkin pie!
There is just nothing like it!
I have proudly made and served this pie for years...
and more often than not I am asked for the recipe...
because it's such a "good" pumpkin pie.

I'm always excited to share my precious Grandmother's special recipe!
I know how delighted she would be that so many love her pie!

until about two years ago...
when my Mom called to ask for "Mom's Pumpkin Pie" recipe...
she had misplaced her copy and wanted to take a pie to a friend.
I read it to her, when I was finished she said, "What about the milk?"
"How much milk?"
I replied, "There is NO milk"
my mom, a bit confused said, "Jill, there IS milk in it!"

I couldn't believe it! For more than 20 years I had made this pie...
the WRONG way!!
I had left out a main ingredient!
Why I had always been so proud to share this pie!
I had taken it to new neighbors...
church potlucks...
new parents...
families in need of a meal...
and served it at many a dinner party in our home!
Always thinking what a "perfect" pie to serve!!!

Suddenly I was doubting that "delicious" pie...
how could I have served the "wrong" pie (and shared the "wrong"recipe!)
all those years!
I was so embarrassed!
But then I thought about how many times people had enjoyed
that pie...(it's still my husband's favorite!)
how many times it was a Blessing to someone...
clearly it WAS good...
without all the "perfect" ingredients!

I still make, serve and share my Grandmother's pumpkin pie...
the "wrong" way...
and I smile each time I do!
Such a sweet reminder that we shouldn't worry so much
about things being "perfect"...
we shouldn't let fear or doubt stop us from sharing with others...
because what's most important is not that we bake the "perfect" pie...
it's that we have the HEART that desires to bake a pie to share...
a HEART that hopes to Bless someone with a thoughtful gift...
a HEART that wants to show someone how much they are loved
and that they are special...
a HEART that chooses not to see what is "missing" in something
but to enjoy all that IS there...
the perfect ingredients for a perfect pie!- after all!

Have a lovely day!
Many Blessings!

*note: just in case you would like to try my Grandmother's pie the way
she intended for it to be-
the "missing" ingredients is
1 1/2 cups milk
but don't forget the "perfect" ingredients! :)


  1. Oh , I really love this !
    You are so right... there is no perfect recipe for a gift.

  2. I love making my grandfather's apple crumb pie recipe each year -- it reminds me of that heavenly smell wafting from his kitchen and all the times my sister and I had sleep-overs at my grandparents' house. I should check to see if I've left out any "key" ingredients, too!

    I loved this post -- it made me hungry!

  3. Hmmmmm, hmmmmm, looks good. Too bad I am on Weight Watchers at the moment....down 13.5 lbs and counting. :)

  4. hah :) this is cute! sounds delish. was just thinking last night I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE NOT MADE PUMPKIN PIE YET!

  5. Oh my, what a funny story!!!! You sound like me and my mom! Thanks for sharing such a special recipe. Pumpkin pie is my family's favorite desert.
    xxx kim

  6. pumpkin is my FAVORITE pie! this recipe looks delicious! i'll have to give it a try!
    okay, i am so infatuated with your beautiful hats from your previous post!!! i want that ivory one! how can i get one?

  7. My favorite way to cook is without a recipe. And sometimes that's the best way to live life as well - just completely spontaneous and curious.

    Delightful post!

  8. Well, you've created your own PERFECT recipe! ;) Do you make it with the milk now? lol

    It sounds delicious! Thanks. Bake at 350 blog is having a pie blog party and October's theme is pumpkin pies! You should enter this link. :)

  9. Oh Jill thanks for sharing. I LOVE pumpkin pie. Looks like a wonderful recipe...yummy:)

  10. I am going to HAVE to try your recipe! Then, maybe I will add milk later!:) Lori

  11. I love this story! So funny and true at the same time:)


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