Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pretty please with some posies on top!

How could I resist?
I dare say, I could not!...

little Princess #2 was a flower girl last weekend...

and I just HAD to create something extra special
for her hair...
the colors chosen were bold, bright, & happy-
mixed with black & white...

I began with a plain headband,
wrapped it with black ribbon, (hot gluing as I went along)

on the top of the ribbon I glued a strip of
black & white rose sequin trim

I then hand stitched three raw silk roses-
gathering them into a ruffle, then sewing in a circular pattern-
for the centers I cut a small piece of silk and stitched down
with black sequins and beads for the centers...
for the leaves- I gathered a small piece of green French ribbon
and stitched to the rose...

to keep little Princess extra comfy...
when I glued the roses to the headband I backed them
with a round piece of felt...
(this also helped stabilize the rose on the headband)

Made with lots of love...
it just "topped" everything off perfectly!

Have a happy day!


  1. You are so talented! She looks gorgeous.

  2. OH! you are sooooooo creative! how many more times will i stop by your blog and be so inspired?! many more, please! what a BEAUTY! a perfect little posie crown for a perfect little princess!

  3. Oh, she looks lovely, Jill! I love the crowning touch.:) Lori

  4. Such a beauty, Jill! Love seeing all the talent you have!

  5. that could not be any more precious!

  6. You're so good Jill. She looks fabulous:)

  7. lovely! those would also look fantastic appliqued onto a shirt or cardigan!

  8. SO cute, as usual.
    I linked back to your blog entry about the to-do list. It inspired me so!
    Thanks for all your inspiration!:)

  9. What a gorgeous headband!! Thank you for the tutorial. Princess is beautiful also!!

  10. How adorable...I love it...and I want one! xoxoxo

  11. how sweet! and made with lots of love! What a cute photo of your cutie!

  12. ABSOLUTELY adorable! I always love to see what you have going on over here- always beautiful and happy!

  13. that hairband is absolutely PERFECT!

  14. What a great idea for a head band! My Ava is really into those right now... I'll have to try this.

    Blessings this weekend,

  15. Oh my gosh, Jill!
    That floral headband is precious!! The flowers turned out so cute~ just like the model.... how sweet! I'm in love with the colors!!!!!!
    Big hugs,

  16. So cute! I make jewelry so I don't work with material very much... well, really not at all, but after looking over your blog I may have to buy some new pretty material and make something! I especially like the decorated rocks and of course all of your posies~

  17. absolutely beautiful. i love the silk flower and the raw edges. Gorgeous. I just started dabbling in those flowers. Not too tricky, even for a novice like me! :)

  18. The headband is so adorable!

    There is an award for you on my blog!

  19. I love your blog, it is full of wonderful ideas. It always makes my day when I discover blogs as inspiring as yours. Thank you for sharing your talent! I am now your 110 follower!!

  20. You just put so much love and care into children. The headband is gorgeous and so is your daughter.

  21. Wow! this is super are so talented!


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