Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

It's no trick...

just a little treat for our sweet teachers!

All tied-up and ready to go...

topped with a "good witch" I painted to send our
Happy Wishes!

and I'm sending some to you too!

Have a Happy Halloween!
Many Blessings!


  1. so cute! what fun it must be to teach your kids haha! All kinds of fun things to receive.

  2. You are SO sweet!!! Oh, and talented!!

    You should check out today...I think you won something! ;)

  3. HAppy HAlloween to you, too, dear friend! What will the girls be dressed as this year? Will you be dressing up, too?:) Lori

  4. That is so cute! Teachers really get good loot on holidays!

  5. Happy Halloween! The teachers are going to love their goodies...very cute!

  6. "Boo" to you too!! Very cute!
    What are y'all dressing up as?? I bet it's darling!
    xxx kim

  7. Jill, Yay you won! I sent an email, so make sure it didn't drop into your junk mail. I can't wait to send the boxed up birthday your way. Email me your address when you get a chance and I will send it out tomorrow.

    Yayyy! Send your friends to

  8. Adorable little treats! The kids will be so happy! Your post made me realize that I should really make a little gift for my friend real quick before Halloween....Yikes! I better get on it!

  9. Happy Halloween! Have a great and ghoulish day!

  10. That is so sweet of you...cute!

    Jamie :)

    p.s Happy Halloween of course, tee hee...


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