Monday, October 26, 2009

Put on your best dress!

Well, it's not a "real" dress...
just one I created for Princess #2's room...

one that has a very special verse on it...
a sweet little reminder when she is getting
dressed each day...

made with lots of love!...
(and of course a little glitter too!)

I had so much fun choosing the fabrics and lace...
creating the almost "Princess and the Pea" styled dress!...

then hanging it above her dresser in her room...

and upon showing her, she squealed with delight and
gave me a giant hug and kiss and couldn't stop thanking me...
which I do believe makes this the best dress ever!

Happy Monday!
Many Blessings!


  1. That is beautiful, of course she loved it ;-)

    Jamie :)

  2. Gorgeous Jill! Katie would have squealed, too! It is absolutely lovely! Mandy has the same Rachel Ashwell comforter in her room- love it!!! Lori

  3. Just precious and perfect for a little girls room.

  4. Oh, it is beautiful.
    I love the size of it too.
    For some reason your link didn't go through...I don't see it on the linky.
    But this is gorgeous. I love how you incorporated the quote!

  5. Oh that is adorable!! I'm a sucker for a fancy dress! I've been meaning to make a picture kind of like this, but with felt. So pretty!!

  6. This is the most precious thing. What a wonderful idea!! Princess and the Pea is my favorite Fairy Tale, so it makes it twice as appealing. You did a beautiful job!!
    xxx kim

  7. Oh my gosh, I am soo in love with this! You need to make one to sell! I know you'll be able to sell it! I want one! :) Have a great week!
    -Ruth Ann

  8. Ruth Ann,
    so delighted to know you love it...look for several versions in the shop next month! :)

  9. Oh how I adore this! You are amazing!! Your girls are so lucky to have such a creative mom :)

  10. I am in love with this best dress ever. So cute. I love, love, love it. Grand-daughters must have. If you try things out on us, to see what kind of reaction we have, I think this one would sell - to me!

  11. what a sweet and purposeful project!

  12. AHHHHH! I LOVE IT! That is the cutest thing ever. Ready to give one away on my blog? Its wonderful. Delightful. Perfect.

  13. Do you make these to sell?? It's so cute!

  14. I think you should come design my house, the only problem is I am surrounded by boys who cringe at girly things...blah...

  15. oooohhhh!!!! I LOVE it!! it's my favorite thing you've ever shown!!

  16. Im totally in TN! Yeah I need a guide to get through Memphis, I grew up in a similar place, but I knew the ins and outs...mostly the outs ha! I dont think I have your email...I forgot what part of Tennessee you were in...Im catching up on your posts too...and wishing I hadnt sold all my crafting stuff before we left HA!

  17. I absolutely this. can you give the exact verse? i am familiar with it but not its precise wording. beautiful to teach our girls that. what is truly "beautiful."

  18. love it, love it!! what a great idea - may have to borrow the idea!

  19. Oh Jill, seriously that is the cutest thing ever. LOVE IT!!!

  20. Jill,
    I'm thrilled beyond words that you stopped by my blog the other day! Your creations make me drool, literally. I'm not a Crafty Gal, but I love seeing what you make and living vicariously. Maybe one day I'll get inspired and try to copy something you've done, if you don't mind.

  21. This is gorgeous. I don't care what your age...what a sweet reminder everyday!!!

  22. Amazing...What a lovely mom you are. This idea has inspired me..thank you for sharing. I adore her little room in the so lovely!

  23. Seriously! And your little girl's room may just be the cutest in-real-life little girl room ever!!! I must see more! Off to look more through your posts... :)

    Oh, and how could I not follow you now, lol!? ;)


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