Thursday, April 14, 2011

happy "little things"...

a little rainbow of glitter on my desk...

a little painting created by Princess #1...

 a little surprise gift from a precious friend...
(that I just looooove!)

a little line-up of Spring polish...
(our favorites! by Essie, from left to right)
Sand Tropez, Turquoise + Caicos, Ballet Slippers, Coral Reef, Nice is Nice

a little spot of favorites in the bookshelf...

a little face that just melts your heart!...

Princess #2's dream-come-true-

 he joined our family this past weekend
and has us all a bit smitten!

 What's on your happy "little things" list right now?
Oh, please do share!

love & blessings!


  1. Thanks for sharing such wonderful "little things"... but I am sure it is no "little" task taking care of Winston! How fun and adorable!

  2. it's always happy HERE! love that seconds of sunshine. yes please:)

  3. Aww! He's precious! Labs are the best dogs. I'll take that seconds on sunshine as well!

  4. Such sweet pictures! Have a blessed day


  5. What a fabulous name, Winston is such a cutie! Love the painting your daughter made so pretty! And I just bought an Essie nail polish. Such great colors out!


  6. Awe - I love those napkins from Target. What an awesome post. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I love everything- especially Winston! Saw the Essie colors in a magazine and loved the names- and colors! We just got back from Disney- we vacationed with bloggy friends from England!:) Fabulous! I am loving Cajun Shrimp nail color from Opi right now, too.:) I must run and get laundry done. The aftermath of vacation is not as fun! Lori

  8. Fun list of goodies, especially Winston! What a sweetie!


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