Tuesday, February 9, 2010

There's no business like "snow" business!

been spending the past few days (and still today)...
building snowmen...

see this lovely hill?

been climbing up it about a million times...

only to enjoy flying down! (a.k.a. sledding)

then home to drink lots of this...

only one down-side to this "snow" business-
anyone like to come over and do all my laundry??
I'll make you lots of yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows
and sprinkles too!

Have a happy day!
Many Blessings!


  1. I am jealous of the snow! We don't get that here in Cali. Your hot chocolate looks YUMMY! And, my laundry pile is 5 times as big as yours. I just can't keep up!!!

  2. Hey I would do your laundry for that hot chocolate! CUTE snowman!

  3. If I could spend the day with you, dear friend, I would be happy to do your laundry! I sent your little package of goodies yesterday so it should be there soon!:) Love the sledding pics- it is SO fun!!! Lori

  4. Im staring at my pile of snow business laundry too. It isnt nearly as cheery as yours ;) boys clothes are brown and blut. UGH.

  5. HA! You already know how I feel about laundry:) Looks like fun!

  6. Cutest snow woman ever!

  7. I know that if I were in the snow day in and day out, I would complain, but I think it is so cool that you have that in your yard!
    All we have over here is RAIN!!! I hate rain unless I'm at home...but alas, I'm not...yet!
    Cute post!

  8. Looks like your family is enjoying the snow. So many people tend to stay inside and hide away from it all. This looks like a lot more fun. Blessings, Tammy

  9. What a precious Snowman.. and whatever that drink was it looked simply wonderful. YUM.

  10. Great story in pictures. Love the last one.
    Mine won't even wear coats anymore...
    it's not cool!

  11. Love your button, by the way.. I am going to grab it if that is ok??? :)
    There is so much laundry to do especially with that type of weather because of all the layers. It never stops, right? I have waved my white surrender flag at my laundry basket. I give up. I will never win.

  12. Oh, we are dreaming of snow men here in San Antonio! It hasn’t snowed here since sometime in the 80’s according to my husband. :) But a girl can dream…
    Thank you for stopping by my little blog, and we are thinking about moving to the country. But I am still working on my hubby.
    I noticed that you live in TN. We have family that lives in Chattanooga, and it is so beautiful there.

  13. I love the pink sprinkles in the cocoa!

  14. That has to be...hands down..the best looking snowman...EVER!!!!


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