Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Tails!...a tutorial

How about a simple little "happy" you can create in just a few minutes?

guaranteed to make one happy ponytail!

or a happy wrist- since that's wear Princess #1 seems
to always wear her ponytail holders!

you begin by cutting fabric a bit larger
than a covered button form-I chose the 2 inch size for
a larger surface to embellish...

following the directions that come with your covered buttons...
layer fabric, metal dome part of the button, wrap edges,
top with button back and crimp to seal...

pop your finished button out...
now the fun begins!
cut various shapes or designs from other fabrics to create
your desired button top...

adhere designs to the button top using Mod Podge...
once dry- apply a top coat to the entire button surface-
this protects the fabrics from dirt and stains...

and also provides a nice finish!

turn button over-
loop a thin ponytail through the button hole-

and pull through the loop to secure-

I like to make a little card to attach them for gift-giving...

I have given these SO many times!
and they always seem to be a big hit- with little girls AND big girls-
even mommies too!

I just package them in a little cello-bag tied with a ribbon
and some tulle...

and try to always keep some extra ones on hand!
they make great party favors, little happies-just because,
and birthday gifts!
(when I give them as a birthday gift, I make a whole little collection of them)

"Happy 'tails' to you! until we meet again..."

Have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings!


  1. Jill- These are SO super cute! My girls always wear the holders around their wrists, too, so this is the sweetest idea! In the hair or around the wrist- fabulous both ways! Thanks for sharing.... Lori

  2. Aw! I just screamed because these are so cute and my kids came running to see what was the matter! My son said, "oh its mom on the computer again, they know me now and how I talk to the computer!

    I might have to make some, love em!

  3. So cute- even your scissors are cute!

  4. Those are SO cute! Do you buy the buttons like that at the craft store?
    I want to craft this weekend now :)
    I agree with the previous comment too, the scissors are so adorable, for scissors :)

  5. Cute!! Leila has a ponytail holder that's similar, and she loves wearing it as a bracelet!

  6. I just love making magnets and ponytail holders...and have sooo many of those buttons in the studio I need to make stuff with! Maybe that's what I'll do this weekend...thanks for the inspiration!

    Jamie :)

  7. You have the cuteste ideas ever and always package everything up so perfectly. Great idea! Have a wonderful weekend. :) Tammy

  8. I love your ideas. Way cute stuff.

  9. these are beautiful! thanks for the inspiration... i can't wait to try these with my 11 yo daughter... :)

  10. Loves.

    You have the cutest ideas--thank you for sharing! xo

  11. Ok... Those are just precious.. SUCH a wonderful fun idea.. LOVED it..

  12. Thank you so much for sharing that ADORABLE idea!! I just love making anything that requires Mod-Podge.

  13. I love them.... and the picture tutorial! ;)
    new visitor ... new follower! I am going to like it here! ;)
    Just Jenn~

  14. So super duper cute! Love them!

  15. These are soooo cute...... I wonder if I have it in me to try and make them??! with my daughter ... who I just sadly cut her hair off today! LOL! it is still possible to do a small pony! ;)
    Just Jenn ~


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