Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love mail...

I LOVE sending handmade Valentines!
each one created with lots and lots of love!

this year I decided to use things I had on hand already...
-fabric scraps
-glitter (of course!)
-needle & thread
-and plain natural cards and envelopes

I simply cut three various sized hearts...
layered them from largest to smallest,
and hand-stitched around the smallest heart only...
frayed the edges of the fabric a bit (I love the shabby look)
and then added a small glittered kiss & hug...

inside I wrote a Valentine greeting...
then loaded the card with a few "surprises"
(a.k.a. heart confetti and a little punched heart with a scripture verse)

I just love thinking of our sweet family & friends opening their cards
and out falling their very own special little Valentine party!
their "love mail"!

Have a happy day!
Many Blessings!


  1. these are too cute! i love that we are both on the WHATEVER side bar! ;)

  2. Great card design....just LOVE the fabric!

  3. Jill, these are so cute! I love the shabby hearts!! Your designs are always make me so happy!

  4. So cute Jill. Seriously girl where do you find the time?:)

  5. Super duper cute! Love it! I think my daughter and I will make one for Grandma, thanks for the idea!

  6. those are spectacular! so happy!

  7. What a cute idea. I was just thinking about how I should make my valentine's cards. Maybe I will try your idea.

  8. What a great idea.. I've never seen a handmade valentine like that.. I'm excited to give it a try. Such a cute inspiration!

  9. I love your colors, they make me happy. I should try this one too.

  10. These are just adorable and certainly something that I would so enjoy receiving by mail. Blessings, Tammy

  11. Just makes you happy to look at them!

  12. You are so on the ball! Guess I better get crackin' on my valentines. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. as always... darling. and from the heart. xoxo

  14. Cute stuff. Where do you buy those natural/brown cards???

  15. Those are absolutely adorable! They are truly "from the heart". :)

  16. Those are the happiest Valentine's I've ever seen! So pretty :)

  17. love em'
    so sweet. so full of love.

  18. Jill,

    First I have to say that you have some great fabric! Where do you get it? And those Valentines are adorable! You have inspired me!

  19. Oh, I LOVE these! So creative and cute! And, I have been meaning to tell you that I LOVE your business card (I saw it when we did the Project 320 weekend). It is fabulous!

  20. Adorable cards!!!
    Team Craftwell


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