Monday, November 23, 2009

'Tis the season! - the party...

Princess #1's table...
in keeping with the Christmas/movie theme she chose...
using her favorite colors too!

It all began with these...
It felt a bit like "If you give a Mouse a Cookie"...
if you give a mom the perfect napkins for her daughter's party...

she will create a placemat to go with them...
using fabrics cut in circles and then laminated...

and she will even tie a bow in the top corner...
using blue to go with the napkins...
(but thinking how fun to change the ribbon colors
for different occasions- like lime green for Christmas-
pink and red for Valentines...)

and then she will find ornaments in the perfect color too...
and she will add red glittered initials on them and
tie them to the chandelier...

and then she will get Princess #1 her favorite roses...
which she is so delighted because red are her favorites...

and Oh my goodness!!! she will remember that she
has popcorn dishes in the perfect colors and will use them as
vases to hold the flowers...

seeing the stripes on the "vases" will remind her of
Princess #1's favorite candy...
red and white striped puffy peppermints...
(again perfect for the "theme")
and she will scatter them down the table...

smelling the yummy candy will remind her to make the
cupcakes for the party...

and when the cupcakes are all finished she will remember
the napkins with the blue...
and will decide to create a cake topper using blue and red
cardstock, white paper fringe, hot glue...and red glitter...
all because you gave a mom some inspiration...
AND she really loves her Princess #1!

Happy Monday!
Many Blessings!


  1. LOve,love, love it ALL! How fabulous!!!! Cute cupcake toppers and I ADORE the ornaments and placemats!!!!!! Lori

  2. So cute. You remembered all the details!:)
    I hope she had fun!

  3. What a sweet and wonderful party for a 12 year old. Happy birthday! :) Tammy


    The placemats are ADORABLE!!!!!!

  5. Holy cow, want to come over and plan the rest of my holiday events?

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I am amazed with yours and will visit often.

    PS I am loving those place mats.

  6. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeatiful! I love all the decorations and I hope that sweet girl had a great birthday!

  7. All so cute, but I especially love those placemats!

  8. oh my goodness!
    your blog is full of things i love. that table cloth (a couple of posts back) is amazing. love the placemats & your ideas with different ribbon. isn't party planning so fun??!! wow. amazing stuff & super cute. i am sure your girls love your parties. i know i would!!!
    have a lovely thanksgiving.

  9. What a lovely theme! Those hanging ornaments are really cute and the cupcake toppers, and the ..... oh nevermind, tee's AAAAALL really cute.

    Jamie :)

  10. can't say anything more than...FABULOUS!!:D what a lucky girl to have a super mom like you:D

  11. the most fun!!!!!!!!!

    love all that great color!

    i think i need a cupcake right now! :)

  12. Adorable decorations. Super cute.


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