Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dressing the table...a tutorial

When I first saw a tablecloth similar to this one
on a vendor's table at a local show,
I absolutely loved it!
I thought it would be so fun to make and use for many
special occasions!
The vendor was kind enough to share the basic instructions
and just how INCREDIBLY SIMPLE it was to make!
(even for a non-(real)sewer-like me!)

Here is what you will need:
-Large clear piece of vinyl-found in fabric stores, on a bolt
measure your table adding 1/4 inch on all sides
-hole punch
-several fabrics (or ribbons) cut in 2 yards each

cut your fabrics (or ribbons) in about 1- 1 1/2 inch strips,
or your desired width- I just guessed on all mine

punch holes all the way around your tablecloth- again I just guessed
on mine- but, most were about an inch apart-
just remember the more holes, the more strips of fabric
and the more "full" your skirt will be

fold a strip of fabric in half and thread through the top of your cloth

pull through a few inches- just enough to allow you to
pull the fabric strip bottoms through the loop

and put the strips through the loop

and pull tight- you could tie your fabric (or ribbons) on- but,
I like the loop so you can change your materials for
different occasions

and THAT'S IT!!!
I love the clear vinyl top-
so you can just wipe it clean...and great for little ones to craft on too!

and you can add different fabrics underneath...
even pictures would be fun!
(and they are all protected under the vinyl top!)

Hope these instructions were helpful!

Happy creating!


  1. That is the C U T E S T tablecloth I have ever seen! I have a bit too much testosterone in my house to pull that off, but I'm thinking for one of my daughter's bday parties. It is so, so darling! Thanks for the instructions. On another note, did you paint your chairs specifically for the party? They are pretty darn cute too! Always a good dose of creativity on your blog, thanks!

  2. Great idea! Thank you for sharing the tutorial!!!

  3. Oh my gosh! I am so lovin' this. I think I'll do that for my computer desk in the basement. I have all those cords behind it showing. That would totally hide them all and be so whimsical. Thank you sweet Jill for sharing.

  4. That is absolutely the cutest and coolest idea I've seen for dressing a table. thanks for sharing! :) Tammy

  5. Say it isn't that easy. I am so in love. so in love. Thanks for the do-able home improvement project. so girlie.

  6. Ba da ba ba ba...I'm lovin' it!! That is so much easier than I thought it would be. Thanks so much!!

  7. This is so cute Jill. Thanks for sharing. I'm thinking about my round nightstands that are really end tables... Just need to make sure I get some "masculine" fabrics in there...:)
    I'll be sure to show it!

  8. LOVE. THIS. SO MUCH!!!! I may have to stay up all night for the next few nights but I am going to try it, dear friend! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!:) Lori

  9. Well,that is sooo stink'in cute! Hmmm,I have my kitchen,craft room and Sunday School room all in mind for one! lol I better get to loop'in!
    Thanks for sharing w/ us!


  10. thank you so much for this glorious lesson. This is beyond words!!!! I would die for all those lovely fabrics!
    xxx kim

  11. darling. love it. want one. need one. soooooo cute!

  12. this is RIDICULOUS cute! I love love LOVE it!

    I am thinking this will be the perfect solution for Lily's big girl room....but NOT for a table....stay tuned, hehehehhe!

    Thank you so much for the tute!! xoxo

  13. this is a great idea for my little boy´s birthday in two weeks. thank you! best wishes, franziska

  14. how very darling! thanks for sharing the instructions!!!

  15. darling, thanks for the instuctions!

  16. That might just be the cutest table top idea I've ever seen... the possibilities and the fun it would bring to a little girl birthday party!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us Jill, you sweetheart!

  17. That is one adorable table cloth! You are the most clever ;)

    I might have to make a wee one for wee ones itty bitty table!

  18. wowza! that is one of the cutest things i've ever seen. how much fabric did it take you?

  19. becky told me I had to come over and see your cute cute table cloth! She loves it and i do too! you're so talented!

  20. that is SO CUTE!!! holy cuteness!
    i love it.

  21. I love the table skirt - I'm a sucker for vinyl so I think I'm going to have to try this!

  22. What a cute table cloth! I LOVE your chairs! :)

  23. My friend Heather and I just did a boutique together last week and she made a tablecloth inspired by yours - it got sooo many compliments!


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