Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Now playing...

When I'm in the studio creating I enjoy the company
of three great fellows...
(it's o.k.- my husband knows and has given me his complete Blessing!)

while I'm working away these guys provide the perfect
creative fuel...
the most delightful music!
Oh, what fun we have together!

the first two and I have been meeting together for years...
there's a lot of history between us!
and they will always be "my first loves"!

and the third is a new guy in town...
he's actually my sweet friend Sara's husband Dave
(so nice of her to share!)
I must say, my first loves haven't been visiting as much these
past few weeks...
Dave has been providing the perfect calm in a creative storm...
his music is just beautiful!
Such inspiration...a joy just fills the room when he is playing!

What a gift to have the pleasure
of "my three fellows" join me everyday!
What are some of your favorites?
I'd just love to know!

Have a happy day!
Many Blessings!


  1. Harry Connick and Michael Buble- sigh.... BE still my heart! I will have to listen to your friend's husband, too! :) Lori

  2. Wow- to be up there with Harry & Michael! Altho - to me Dave is even dreamier :) THANKS so much for featuring my sweet husband. He is as great as his music- and I just want the whole world to find out!

    Glad you love it!!!!

  3. Fun to hear what you listen to. Gives us insight into who you are!

  4. good music makes all the difference!

  5. Harry and I are old friends as well. I listen to him often. I am not familiar with Michael Buble. I guess I need to meet him! Is his music as dreamy as Harry's?
    xxx kim

    Does Michael have a Christmas album (oops, I mean CD-don't want to age myself)? I think I saw one this morning.

  6. I keep hearing about the Michael Buble one... I think I'll need to download that!

  7. I love me some Kenny G Christmas music!! Pretty much from sometime in the summer on thru Christmas, particularly if I am cleaning and crafting. My cd is pretty scratched so I am thinkin' its time for a new one... :(


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