Monday, November 16, 2009

Rise and Shine!- the party...

The table was set...

complete with a new tablecloth made by mommy...
(tutorial coming tomorrow!)

The donut cake was ready!

even a few "special" friends were ready...
all dressed in their P.J.s too!

Then the games began!
a curler toss...
one of the favorites of the morning!

pillowcases they painted and got to take home along with
their goodie bags...

the pillowcase race...
like a sack race...
Odie (our sweet golden retriever) was in charge of this game...
he did a fine job keeping them in line...

and a sure sign the party was a success!
What a delightful morning!!

Then one of the most important things...
sending a "shower of thanks" for all
the thoughtful gifts...
I created a fill-in note with a girl I painted
in some of Princess #2's favorite colors...
she loved getting them ready to mail to her friends!

and we can't forget the cupcakes we sent to school!!
Princess #2 and I worked on them together...
her favorite part was the green edible glitter!
(like mother, like daughter!)

I made the cupcake toppers using different punches,
Amy Butler papers, candy sticks, and hot fun!

A very Happy Birthday for one of our greatest Blessings!
Our little miracle, Princess #2!

Happy Monday!
Many Blessings!


  1. Oh m goodness, Jill!!! What a wonderful celebration!!!! I LOVE that tablecloth! Can I use your idea for our party or do I not have enough time? Precious!!!!! And the games and crafts- WOW! WIsh we could have been there...:) Lori

  2. Well you certainly take the cake... (get it?) sorry.. I couldn't resist. I love this, and I can't wait to see the tutorial on the tablecloth!! What a fun party. I wish I was still a little girl sometimes! lol


  3. Girl you a-maz-ing! I love how colorful and whimsical you are. A girl after my own heart. Do you ever get tired of seeing white all over blogland? I know I do, but you are a breath of fresh air!! LOVIN' that tableclothe...I mean really lovin' it!!

  4. What a wonderful party, full of so many delightful details!
    I love the table cloth too...can't wait for the tutorial.
    My Ava won't be 4 until April, I'll have time to make one!!

  5. That tablecloth... divine. I can't wait for the tutorial. Love the cupcake topppers.. that Amy Butler paper is my favorite. So much fun. well done! :) Nancy

  6. I LOVE THE TABLECLOTH! and....that donut cake looks soo fun and reallly really yummy :)
    looks like fun!


  7. what a beautiful and fun party!! I love it all : ) So glad you enjoyed the banner - and I LOVE your table skirt!!

  8. I la, la, la LOVE that tablecloth and was wondering how to make it, and wow, a tutorial!! CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!
    Wanna be my Mom?? Just for a birthday??
    I am sure your princess felt so special!!

  9. What a fun birthday party! I love the theme and it looks like the girls had a great time. Looking forward to the table cloth tutorial tomorrow....I'm invisioning something for the baby shower I am throwing in a few months!

  10. What a cute birthday party! I love the theme and it looks like the girls had a great time. I can't wait for the tutorial tomorrow, I'm thinking it will be great for a baby shower in a few months!

  11. Everything----SO ADORABLE!

    That table cloth- I want one!!! You are a GREAT and inspiring mom :)

  12. what a HAPPY birthday... i can imagine squeals of fun!

    AND that table cloth... wow... so neat... ALL your details... simply FUN!

  13. I love it all. You are SO creative. Of course, the invites and thank you's are just precious! And the clothes pin craft is over the top adorable. I am drooling over that one!

    Take care!

  14. What a sweet party! So important to teach our children to be thankful for what they receive. Love the little thank you cards that she was able to get ready right away. Looks like it was a successful and delightful morning. Happy birthday to the princess. :)

  15. I am just catching up on all your party goodness! What a fun mom you are! Lucky girls :)

    Happy Birthday to the Princess and to you to Mom! After all you give meaning to the word "birthday" ;)

  16. I LOVE the AB cupcake toppers and the hand-painted thank you cards! Everything is just adorable!! You are such a crafty, creative momma!


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