Wednesday, July 1, 2009

With these wings...

At the beach last week,
one of our favorite things to do was collect shells...
we were thrilled when we found these three sets of "angel wings"...
which led to a question posed by me to the children:
"What would you do if you had "real" wings?"

the Prince: "uh.....FLY mom!"
(he IS a teenager ya know!)

Princess #1: "fly to Heaven, as long as I could take my animals and family"
(so her sweet heart!)

Princess#2: "I would be an angel and fly accross the ocean to see what all boats were there"
(very "her"...always looking for new adventures....usually in a "costume" too!)

one of life's greatest *free* gifts!

Hope your day is filled with many joys!


  1. Beautiful, Jill. We love those sweet coquina shells. Such lovely colors! I am packaging up your goodies right now! And Katie is composing a sweet note to include, too.... Lori

  2. Love the shells!! So pretty!! Amazing what God has made for us to enjoy.

  3. Love the shells and even more so what your kiddos said! So darn sweet!!!

  4. That is just too sweet!
    I love "seeing" through kids eyes :)

  5. That is so true....about the imagination. :)


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