Friday, July 24, 2009

Studio Tour...Part 1

Oh look! The lights are on...
won't you come in?

Welcome to my little home studio...
I should warn you...
it's a bit colorful and filled with lots and lots!

for today, let's start here...

this sign just sums up my life motto...
"just Believe"!

LOVE inspiration boards!

Gotta have music!
why not have it played from a VW??

more inspiration!

a few goodies created in the studio...

a delightful print from artist Chrissie Grace...

under this worktable...
one of the many ribbon bins...
I have a SMALL ribbon crush!

my scrap jar...
I cannot part with even the tiniest of scraps!

colorful markers...

one of my favorite things!
a gift from my sweet friend Lori!

Oh! and I almost forgot...
another studio "pet"...
"Flo" the flamingo...
she gets to come out sometimes for pool parties...
but mostly she hangs out in here!

a very happy vintage chair...
and thanks to Meg -
a more cozy and colorful one!

Thanks for stopping by and looking around!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings!


  1. What a fabulous place to be creative and call your own!!! It's lovely :)
    I SO want a tiny space beside the pantry that I'm stuck in......sigh.
    Some day :)

  2. LOVE it!!!!! LOVE it in so many ways! The black & white checkered floor is adorable!!!!!

  3. Jill!!!! You have inspired me to no end, dear friend! I love everything about your studio down to the tiniest snippet of ribbon.;) I was tickled to see the DREAM blocks! So glad they make you smile.:) Lori

  4. oh..this is such a lovely studio. it looks like a fabulous place to work...

  5. What a fun studio you have! I love how cozy it feels!! And the color is great!

  6. that pillow fits right in!!
    what a fun craft room.
    i love it in there. :)

  7. Oh my gosh, you have the happiest studio!!

  8. oh, darn it all to heck! i want a studio. but, it would have to be as fabulous as yours!

  9. I LOVE your studio...want to dive through my screen and have a look at all your lovely things! Such a fun and happy place you have to create in!


  10. What a great space! I love all the light and the COLOR!!! Who wouldn't be inspired to create in there???!!!

  11. Now that's an inspiring space! I love it all. My workspace is not at all pretty, but I hope some day to make it as colorful and fun as that!

  12. Oh what a cute bright and colorful studio! One day I'm gonna get around to sharing pics of mine, but it's quite a mess right now :( Thanks for stopping by...nice blog!

    Jamie :)

  13. Oh my goodness! I'd never leave. What a colorful, cheerful space to create lovely things in:) Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. I am in love with your studio and would never come out! Of course mine would be a MESS... 26 kidney stones!! Would you believe that I have never seen a thing! With all that PAIN, you should at the very least be making diamonds!

  15. HI Jill
    sigh...Can I come over and play?:)
    Chrissie Grace

  16. When can I come over? Ha! Ha! I think just stepping in the room would make me smile

  17. Seeing your studio inspires me! I am working on mine right first job is getting rid of all the UNinspiring junk in there! Love all your colorful treasures!

  18. Your room is fabulous!. That room would inspire anyone. I absolutely love it! Thank you for sharing

  19. you make amazing things ..I love that I will get to meet you!!


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