Thursday, April 2, 2009

More?!!...Easter Parade!

Welcome back! I have now realized I may have to join "Easter Anonymous"! I promise this is the end of the tour- can you believe it's not the end of the decorations though?! Guess I'll save the rest for next year! I told ya'll- I LOVE Easter!

See all those eggs on the mantel? That's a tradition that started when I was a little girl, a precious lady in TEXAS has been making and selling these for years, each year my mom and I would go choose a few "special" eggs to add to our collection. When I started my family I continued the tradition with my children- on Spring Break we visit the "Egg Lady" and they each choose an egg for the collection.

Look! how cute is that owl?...and the frog, birdhouse....

Showing some "team spirit" here...a few of our favorites...

Oh, the flamingo! I LOVE flamingos!!! Could it be they are pink? (my favorite color) or that they are tall? (like I wish I was)or that they remind me of the summer?! (my absolute favorite time of the year!)

The coffee table is were we will put the eggs we dye- around the cute bird candle holder- tucked in that colorful Easter grass.

The kitchen table- where we spend ALOT of time! I go a little "crazy" in here-

The chandelier gets gussied-up in ribbon happiness, along with hanging rabbits and Easter cones.

On each child's chair they have a "special critter" tied on...with ribbon - again - of coarse!

The Prince's chair- he loved frogs as a little boy!

Princess #1's chair!

and Princess #2's chair!

The "spring" wreath from Jes! :)

The kitchen island- this bunny bowl holds eggs we have made in the past, painted wooden and paper mache eggs.

Princess #2 presented me with these "pretty rocks" from the playground at school- she thought they were "so cute and little and a pretty color"! I love little treasures from the children!

and most important of all....the reason we are celebrating this season!

Thank ya'll SO much for joining me on the parade! How about a little something fun?

I will draw a name this weekend and ship out a box full of "Spring Goodness" to the lucky winner!
just leave a little comment that you want to be in on the drawing !
Have a wonderful day!

Many Blessings!


  1. Love it all, Jill!! You have such a fun style!! I tried to post yesterday or before and it wouldn't let me...So, anyhow, love the lamb statue. I NEED one!!

  2. I love it all!! Especially the sweet cones that are hanging in your kitchen from the lights! The colors are amazing!!! Lori

  3. Those handmade eggs are precious! And I love the kitchen!

  4. Say it ain't so!
    This can't be the end of the tour! :(
    You have such an elegant and beautiful style....I could look at pictures of your tour all day long!

    ANd would I like to be included in your sweet giveaway??? Ummm...YES, PLEASE! You are the sweetest. :):)

  5. Oh, Jill!!! I want to come to your house and celebrate! Your house is darling and so much fun. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful decorations! Does the Egg Lady ship? I would love to start a collection? I have out 2 bunny plates and my girls buckets does that count? Oh, I am pathetic!

  6. Enter me please, you have quite the collection! Very cute:)


  7. Just landed on your blog and I have to say I love your decorating. But I especially love seeing your pink mixer in the background. Every girl should have one. ;)


  8. Wow!!! Your house is so fun and festive. I have to admit that my Easter decorating is sorely lacking. On top of that, we just found out today that we are hosting Easter for 50 or so people... What is a girl to do?

  9. I just love the pink and green chair, and the little critters hanging from them. Did you make them? I also really like your bunny in grass on the kitchen table. And I do believe I spotted a little Irish on your mantlepiece;) Now you said you are 2nd generation Irish so where in Ireland was your family from?


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