Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Easter Parade continues...

Welcome back ya'll!
This table sits just inside the front doors- it got a little "Easter" pick-me-up!

I added the bunny candles to the candlesticks. The lamb got a splash of colorful grass to rest on.
The Bible's on the table stay out always- they are my husband's and mine from childhood- we just think they are a sweet reminder of what's important to us in our home.

A little down the entry you find the "royal court's" chairs! I LOVE these!

There is always a little pillow tucked in one of the chairs- I like to change them out for different holidays- or just for fun! This is a little bunny painted on a silk pillow with a cute fluffy tail.

The dining room has a rabbit wishing everyone "Happy Easter"! He is surrounded by some fun projects- pretty little eggs- some even have initials!

On Easter Mr. Rabbit is going to have a special surprise tucked in the box he is standing on- shhhhhhh!

I had so much fun making these eggs- they were super easy and quick! I bought paper mache eggs, painted them, sealed them and embellished away- the glitter initial ones are my favorite- one for each person in the family!

Well what are those on the chandelier???

Oh, the butterflies are back! They come out every Easter and stay through the summer!

What's that in the corner?

A silly bunny - he must be playing "Hide and SNEAK" (as 6 year old princess calls it!)

Oh, vintage butter pats! I LOOOVE them! I collect them- they are getting hard to find now though...so sad! I really want to hang my collection in the entry on either side of the mirror in the first picture. Just trying to decide how...

Just another sweet lamb...
Wishing you all....a very Happy Easter!
Many Blessings!


  1. How totally sweet....and fancy!
    Love it all :)
    Hope you're having a great week, sweet friend.

  2. SO cute! I love how you have these special traditions for your family (like the butterflies)

  3. Cute Easter decor... I love the sheep on the entry table and the peek a boo bunny!!

  4. Thanks for the comment Jill. I think I know you. If you are who I think you are, I prayed for you a few years ago around August/September when you had some surgery done. I'm friends with Christy S., who lives around the corner from you.

    Anyway, if that's not you, thanks for the encouragement anyway. I surely need it.


    P.S. I know I've seen A Joyful Note around at some homeshows in town. Absolutely precious stuff!


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