Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The writing on the shoes?

Over Spring Break we got to take a little trip back home- to TEXAS!!- to visit my parents.

Princess #1 and Princess #2 sleep in my old room that I had growing up, and in the great "save EVERYTHING you ever owned fashion", my mom still has all my closets stuffed with-"EVERYTHING I ever owned (and made)".

The girl's love to go through those magic closets! I'll admitt, it is fun for me too!

One morning Princess #1 presented me with a pair of tennis shoes, handpainted , all-over, by yours truly!

I was reminded how much I have ALWAYS loved creating, painting, drawing, & everything crafty. I was also reminded that I believe that "love to create" is something God placed in me- a gift from Him. I am at the most peace and filled with pure joy when I am "working".

I often joke and say that I wish God would send me a " burning bush " or just a written note that would tell me if I am doing what He has designed me to do - for His glory!

Well, I guess He has, it's just in the form of "the writing on the tennis shoes!"

May I remember this when I get discouraged, overwhelmed, or just plain "not sure if I am doing what I should be"!

May you have a lovely day, filled with joy and peace, doing whatever you have been created and gifted to do!

Many Blessings!

P.S. I painted those shoes when I was 12- and I wore them ALL through middleschool & highschool!!!!- I brought them home to put in my studio- as a nice reminder- I promise NOT to wear them! (at least not in public!)


  1. Hi Jill! I am so happy that you left me a comment- I had totally missed all of your creative posts! Your blog is looking totally adorable!!!

    Those shoes are cute- we would have been friends in school for sure!!

  2. Awe, another thing we have in common! Luckily I think mine were sold at a garge sale many years back....they weren't nearly as pretty as yours!

    What an encouraging post, my friend. Thank you for sharing your heart!

    Much love :)

  3. Hey Jill!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!! Your's is very cute!! Love, love, love the cookie jar and sign. Did you paint the sign??

  4. How cool! I love it... True inspiration indeed!

  5. What a lovely blog you have! I like evry single post!

    I am preparing my wedding so some of the pictures really inspired me.
    Love from Spain

    Miss D


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