Friday, March 20, 2009

Give 'em a hand!

I thought I would share one of my FAVORITE ideas for a Mother's day gift! (sharing early enough to actually have it done in time) I gave these to both sets of Grandmother's one year- I framed them to go with their decor- had I done them for myself (which I really wish I had!)they would be in HUGE chunky frames!

I used watercolor block paper for this- it's an actual "block" of paper you seperate with a knife or razor- I love the texture and soft white color! Most local hobby/craft stores carry the "block" style paper- I know Hobby Lobby does.

Here is where the fun begins! Pour black acrylic paint on a paper plate- not too much- or it will just look like a "blob" print instead of a hand-take that sweet, precious hand of your child-hold down in the paint- lift up- place their little hand down on the watercolor paper- be sure and press all their little fingers down- try not to have them "wiggle"- I know, a little hard- I used LOTS of suckers as bribes when we did this- and for the baby I just kept doing it until we finally got one good enough to frame!

After you do both hands and wash them- (I put mine in the tub straight away- remember- acrylic paint does NOT wash out :) !)

I signed each "print" in pencil- just like a "famous" original watercolor-the child's first and middle name followed by the year. Framed them, wrapped them and was super excited that year to give our Mother's day gifts!

Note: if you are wondering why the one set of hands is seperate- it took us YEARS later to receive Princess #2 (our miracle!)- so when we were blessed with her I HAD to add her to the Prince and Princess #1 collection!- I do kinda like the way they look- and it's a great reminder of "Dreams DO come true - sometimes long after you have dreamed them!"

Hope you have a "Happy First Day of Spring!"

Many Blessings!


  1. Too sweet, my friend. :)
    We do this, too, but I've only ever done it on little canvases. I'll have to do frames this year! We also do hand prints on oven bake clay, then I paint them (after they've been baked, of course!) and wipe off the excess, which just leaves the paint in the impression. I have either glued them to the inside of a shadowbox or made holes before baking so they can be hung. wala!
    Hope you're doing well, Sweets! :)

  2. what a great idea...I can't wait to do more crafty things with my lil nugget...I hope shes a crafter!! (will she have a choice??)


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