Monday, April 6, 2009

The "Happy Tree"...

The "Happy Tree" sits just inside the door in my studio- it's filled with lots of handmade treasures- most from talented etsy artists-

I just love looking at this tree, it's such wonderful inspiration!- I can see it from every work area in my studio!

A few of my favorites...

My studio "pet" - I call her "Blue"- (original I know!)

The best cake I ever made (calorie free- lasts forever!), the beach ornament -it even has a tiny shell on top, a pretty little house, and this sweet hanging pillow has 5 birdies nestled in a tree- one for each person in our family.

Another "birdie pillow,
little house, and ribbon wreath.

and of course... a Cross... which I will spend this Holy Week focused on.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little peek at something that makes me happy daily!

Oh, and I didn't forget!

The prince drew the name of the "Spring Goodness" winner...

Congratulations Julie- I'll get your "Spring Goodness" shipped out this week!
Thanks so much for all your sweet comments...I wish I could send you ALL something...

Happy Monday!

Many Blessings!

p.s. some of the "treasures" on my tree can be found from the following etsy artists... - "Blue" (my studio pet) the ribbon wreaths - the little bird pillows -the houses, beach ornament


  1. I ADORE your Happy Tree! Makes me want to set one up at my house!:) Congratulations, Julie! Lori

  2. This tree makes me HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!
    Love all that sparkly and ribbony goodness. :)

    Happy Monday, Sweets!

  3. Love it!! All the happy colors are just wonderful!! That bird hanging on the perch is perfect!!

  4. I LOVE it, I have often thought trees should be up and decorated year round!!

  5. Jill, I love your tree -- what a wonderful idea! I need you to come to my house and whip it into shape with all of your cute ways!!


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