Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lighten up!

There's just something about gray winter days
that make me look around and want to add a little light.

 I decided to brighten an old pair of lamps I haven't used in several years.
(just in case I completely ruined them!)
I mixed together an antique white paint with a small amount of antiquing glaze,
then dry brushed the entire surface, after, I lightly rubbed several spots with a soft cloth 
before the paint mixture had dried- giving them a touch of an aged patina look.

I placed them in a "darker" spot, in hopes they would help lighten things a bit...

and I do think they helped!
How about you, do you tend to want to "lighten" things during the gray winter days too? 

Wishing you a bright-light-filled day!
love & blessings!


  1. Beautiful, as always, Jill! Your lamps are lovely and I love the square shades. They add a slightly contemporary contrast to the traditional items.

    I've lightened up several lamp bases this way as my tastes grew to favor paler tones, too. After Christmas, especially, I just crave white, de-cluttered spaces. I think it's a reaction to Christmas decorating. It's nice for the new year to have that "clean slate" feeling.

  2. I do love to lighten things ... candles, fresh flowers, lighter blankets on the chairs etc. Lightening the color of your lamp base is lovely.


  3. Great job! I love how they turned out.


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