Wednesday, May 4, 2011

handing your heart to mom...

precious hand prints,
forming the shape of a heart!
A little project I created for Princess #2's class...
a gift for Mother's Day!

so sweet and simple, I thought I would share...
I used a canvas panel, paints, a strip of natural linen material & not shown- acrylic sealer

1. paint entire canvas background color, I chose a Spa Blue
2. I created a "frame" by rubbing a brown antiquing medium around the edges
3. to soften the brown edges, I then dry-brushed a bit of Oyster White around the edges
4. I then poured the Barn Red paint on a paper plate, dipped each child's hands in
and placed them gently on the canvas to form the shape of the heart
 (after the hand prints dried, I did spray the entire canvas with an acrylic sealer)

5. I used a strip of natural linen, cut to desired length,
hot-glued to the back of the canvas,
   then tied in a bow, (leaving a little room to use for hanging)
6. or to place on a stand...and enjoy!

Truly a treasure...
  created from precious little hands!

 and now I'm off to add the bows to the rest of the classes "hearts"...
so on Sunday they will be able to "hand their hearts to Mom!"

Have a happy day!
love & blessings!


  1. This is absolutely precious! There will be a lot of happy Moms out there!:) Lori

  2. This is precious...I think I might just do this for our daughter...My youngest granddaughter stays with me each day and this would be a great gift for her to give to her mom...Thanks for sharing

  3. Really adorable my friend...I must remember this idea for school next Mother's Day!

    Hugs for a great day. xoxoxo

  4. The color combinations really make the canvas. Love the bow as well. Very cute.

  5. mother's day has totally crept up on me this year. thanks for the reminder:)

  6. I used to do this with my kindergarten classes using paper plates and tying ribbon through the top for hanging. Always made such a lovely gift. How sweet of you for make them for the whole class. Best wishes and blessings. Have a great weekend. And Happy Mother's Day. Tammy

  7. I love these. What a kind teacher you are.

  8. Jill, you are so thoughtful and creative!! Remember a few years ago when you shared the larger version of these with multiple handprints...I love mine that I did. It was interesting getting a one-year-old's handprints, but I do cherish it. I need to do another now that Violet is here, though...
    Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!

  9. What a wonderful idea!!! You are so clever! I'm going to ask my kids (16 and 13 now) to print some hands for me so I can have the in hallway! Cheers!

  10. this is the most precious way to do little hand prints. i must do one of my grandson for his mama!


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