Monday, May 2, 2011

"Do you see what I see?"

certainly not a studio floor in desperate need of a good vacuum!-
rather, a lovely bit of happy "confetti" left behind from a weekend of creating!

not an empty candy jar!-
why a perfect spot just waiting for something new and delicious!
any suggestions?

not an unfortunate *painful* accident at the most inconvenient time of the year!-
(is there ever really a good time for a mom?)
but a perfect new spot to add a pretty little posy!
(and perhaps a gentle reminder to slow down a bit!)

not scraps too small worth saving!-
really just the perfect thing for little hands to create their very own masterpiece!

and of course...
not a glass half empty!-
ALWAYS a glass half FULL!

Happy Monday!
Many Blessings!

                                                                                                   * life made lovely!                                                       


  1. Oh no your foot... Everything including the zebra rug looks fun and cheery...

  2. Thanks for sharing with us the way to deal with life, Jill! It's all in the presentation!:) Hope your foot gets better soon! Lori

  3. love everything, especially the birdie! How about some chocolate covered oreos in that canister ;)

    Hope your foot heals quickly!

  4. Always, always, always "something" for which to be thankful and cheerful! Happy Monday to you... looking at the bright side (best side to be on!) :-)

  5. OUCH, sorry about your foot. It does sound like it was a good week-end as far as crafting. Hope it isn't too painful. I really like the posey on your foot, hah.

  6. oh i hope you feel better...too bad! love the little embellishment though. you are too funny! and that R is awesome! So So creative.

  7. Oh, no. Not a boot. :( You've had a rough go at it...
    Beautiful pictures and I think you should add some chocolate covered something in your candy jar.

  8. Beautiful happy blog!! Loved everything!!

  9. Sorry about your foot! And your right there is never a good time for a mom to be hurt!
    LOVE the scrap letter idea! Going to have to do that this week with my girl! Thanks for the idea!

  10. I love this perspective! Especially the confetti! I can SO relate. So sorry about your foot. Hope it heals very quickly.

  11. I always enjoy your lovely view of things. Hope the foot heals soon, love those TB flats and what a fabulous color!!! That'd make me happy every time I wore them.

  12. I do hope you heal quickly. But I love the personality you gave your boot!

  13. Oh no, your poor foot! BUT it is the happiest-looking injury I've ever seen!!

  14. i love the decorated foot brace! when i had my toe surgery i totally decked out my injured foot too. i wanted it to feel equal, right? ;)

  15. Awww, poor footy! You should put some nerds jelly beans in that jar. Best. candy. ever!


  16. This is the sweetest post!!
    Do you have a tutorial for that 'R' canvas?


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