Thursday, March 10, 2011

"I once was sad...

when I opened a box holding three of my favorite keepsakes-
the silhouettes of our children-
and found that one of the {matching} frames had not survived the (two!) moves...

however, a quick trip to the local Hobby Lobby during the 50% off frame sale
provided the perfect frames (that I liked much better than the old ones!) for a "new look"!

I also purchased a few decorative papers that I thought I might like
for the background of the silhouettes
...decisions! decisions! decisions!

finally, I decided on the soft black and white paper...
then re-framed and matted all the silhouettes...

and placed them in one of my new favorite spots {that I see all the time}
and found I was no longer sad, but now was delightedly very happy!"

  {and wondering why I ever chose the first frames to begin with!?-
and even feeling a bit thankful to open that box with the broken frame-
to remind me that, sometimes being "broken" gives us the perfect opportunity
to start fresh and look at things with a "new" perspective,
and often make them better!}
love and blessings!


  1. I love silhouettes! I have two of my first two daughters but was never able to have them made for the younger two. That's always made me sad. These look great and I really like the new look with the paper. Such a treasure.

  2. Hi Jill, congrats on the move and best wishes as you settle in. Everything for you at the moment is fresh and new and that is always a great feeling. I made silhouettes of my boys when they were little but don't have them framed quite so nicely. Think I will do a little changing myself. Thanks always for inspiring! Love your rainbow sweater in the previous post. Have a beautiful day. Tammy

  3. A little peek at your house ~ fun. This is a good post, because we are all broken and fresh starts are delightful.


  4. I see a little speck of the kitchen to the side there. When is the big reveal girl?? I'm dying to see this beautiful new home of yours!

  5. I just did a silhouette/frame redo as well! Thought it was about time to add #4 :)

  6. The look great! I need more silhouettes in my life! XO!


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