Tuesday, January 12, 2010

REALLY random...

Over the past few days, three Beautiful Bloggers-
passed this award on to me!
The rules are to share seven random things about myself...

1. I LOVE dishes- all dishes- especially vintage...

2. my nickname growing-up was "Little Tiger"- thanks Dad!
and to this day some still call me that...

3. I "STRONGLY DISLIKE" eggs- or anything with
an egg-like texture

4. I met my husband on a Friday the 13th in September
and got married December 31 that same year!...
I believe in love at first sight AND
that Friday the 13th is a VERY lucky day...

5. I said "I'd NEVER have a dog in my house!"
(we all know what happens when we say "never")
now I can't imagine life without Odie, our rescued Golden Retriever-
I just love that dog! and he IS in the house!

6. I speak with a THICK Southern drawl...
"white" is a four syllable word when I say it...

7. I am terrible at making choices...
which is why I could NEVER choose just seven bloggers
to pass this award to...
(because I think every one's blog is beautiful!)
so I pass this award on to:
all of YOU!

Have a happy day!
Many Blessings!


  1. And I would have to agree fully, yours IS a BEAUTIFUL BLOG! I always stop by just to see what special little picture or idea you bring - keep 'em coming!



  2. I loved learning a little about you :)

  3. Your dog is so cute!!

    I love learning these things, and your blog is one that I always look forward to reading!

  4. Oh, I want an Odie, sooooo badly! How hard was it to "potty train" him, Jill?? I also would LOVE to hear your Southern drawl! I am going to call you one of these days, Sweets.:) Lori

  5. My childhood doggie was odie.
    He was the best...

    Happy day friend!

  6. Interesting...very interesting. I love learning about you. You dog is so sweet!

  7. Congrats, I was given the award too, yea us! Love the one about never getting a dog. I did the same thing. Swore I wouldn't get a dog or any creature. Check out my blog and you will see my small petting zoo!


  8. Your 1st meeting/wedding story is so romantic! So glad you enjoyed the award!!

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the compliment on my tags! I really like your gloves and the glittered clothes pins!!

  10. lovin' the dishes.
    hearin' your voice! lovin' that, too!
    (my grandmother was southern. i melt for women speaking with that drawl. it brings me home...)

  11. I'm with you on the egg thing. YUCK!


  12. Odie is precious! Thanks for sharing. I don't do eggs either, unless they are mixed up in something. Choices, choices, and so little time. Sometimes I just veg and don't choose at all! Have a blessed day. :) Tammy

  13. Love it! I totally get the "little tiger"!!!LOL
    love ya, Teresa

  14. love at first site. totally believe in it.
    fun to lo learn a little about cha.
    would just love to hear your southern accent.
    happy day to you :O)

  15. Four years ago I also said I'd never have a dog in my house. A week after I said that, my husband brought home the ugliest puppy I'd ever seen. But she's grown into such an essential part of our family I could never remember what it was like before her. I am totally a dog person now! My son also loves the photo of your Odie!

  16. Nice to learn more about you. Love at first sight.... absolutely! I love the pillows your sweet Odie is laying on.

  17. Hi, Jill,
    Congratulations on your award!! I just found your blog via Gwen's blog, and I am so glad I did! I am with you on #1, I love dishes and have a house full of them! Your Odie is a sweetheart, and I can see how he would melt your heart! I love the winter garland you made with those cute gloves!!! I hate winter but that garland would certainly brighten things up. I speak with a Texas drawl so I am sure I would understand your southern drawl very well. Please come and visit me when you have the opportunity! Sending many happy thoughts your way! Vicki

  18. Found you through T's Daily Treasures. And I'm so very glad I did. I just love your colorful blog. I shall be visiting quite often!


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