Friday, January 29, 2010

Got 10 minutes?

then you can make this...

it's "sew" simple...

I began with this adorable fabric I found at Hobby Lobby...
(it comes in white and black too!)
it's a ruffled knit... I purchased one yard...

you will only need scissors, needle and matching thread...

carefully cut between two ruffles-
as close as possible to the edge of one ruffle...

I chose to cut in sections of three ruffles-
this allowed me to make three scarfs
and have extra for the ends...

cut the "extra" ruffle into desired length...
(to gather and sew to each end of the scarf)
stitch down the center and gently pull to create a gather...

then attach to each end of the scarf...
stitching along the same stitch used to create the gathered ruffle...

now both ends have a finished edge with fun little ruffle!

and you are ready to enjoy your happy "ruffle scarf"!
you can even accessorize it with a pin or one of my FAVORITES-
from my sweet friend Diana of FrontNcenter designs- her convertables!-
you can wear them as a headband or clip!

and the extra scarfs you made can be wrapped-up
to give as a delightful Valentine gift!

just a little something that's "sew" simple...
yet very thoughtful!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Many Blessings!


  1. I absolutely love this scarf- thanks for the idea!!!!

  2. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Thanks for the tutorial! Love it!

    Cheeery wave from

  3. This is a wonderful idea and I love Diana's convertable on it!! So happy and cheerful.

  4. That by far is the cutest scarf ever!!! I must make one asap!!! :)

  5. That is adorable...anything with ruffles is rockin' in my book ;) And your friends shop is lovely too.

    Jamie :)

  6. this is adorable...i'm making this my sunday project.

  7. So stinkin cute! I love it, dang I was just at Hobby Lobby too! I'm going to do this, love it!
    thanks for showing my convertable! Your a doll!

  8. Adorable!!! I actually saw that same fabric last week and loved it but was not sure what to use it foe besides a skirt for my daughter, I am so excited to make some for vday gifts!!!

  9. Oh, I really wish it were simple to the sewing-impaired, because that is just about the cutest scarf ever, in the best color! And I love the pins - great job!!

  10. Ok.. that is just the cutest thing I have seen in a LONG time. I can't wait to head out to Hobby Lobby and give it a try.. What a wonderful thing to share with the BLOg world.

  11. I should have taken Home Ec in school. I'm sewing impaired too and it looks so simple but makes no sense to me at all. Instead I took Independent Living and Typing classes -- I'm quite independent and my fingers can fly across the keyboard! :) Great scarves and love that convertable by Diana. Have a happy Saturday. Blessings, Tammy

  12. So sweet! I love what you did with that fabric - such a creative girl!

  13. So pretty! I love it.

  14. I love it and I love the color! My sister is visiting and she is the sewer, I think we may be all over this today!


  15. Oh so cute, and I love the color! I think my sister and I will have to jump on this project today!

  16. this scarf is fabulous, but i'm loving your scipture verse even more! what a beautiful valentine message.
    thank you so much for sharing these great ideas!

  17. what i wonderful idea! so pretty! I just wish i was creatity enough to make it!

  18. Well, how cute is this! All feminine and ruffly and sweet.

  19. LOVE IT! What a perfect gift for Valentine's day:) I have one that's green...but I didn't make it. I get lots of compliments on it.

  20. are you kidding me?
    this look adorable. oh, i must try to make this. heck, i am going to copy you all the way & get the pink fabric as well!

  21. i just LOVE this!
    i really should give that a whirl!
    i need one of those. :)
    i certainly don't sew but... you sure make it seems easy enough.

    are her pins not so fun... love diana!

  22. oh come on, that is the cutest thing ever!!!!
    oh to have a hobby lobby here :O(

  23. This scarf is gorgeous! I'd love to make one. Is this fabric, the ruffle-y one that you see all around?


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